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Kanban System Reinvented

Teamhood provides a distinctive experts-backed Kanban Board structure. Status groups, nested swimlanes and rows. All with WIP limits!

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Planning Ahead

Stay ahead with well-structured projects. Ensure robust resource allocation and detailed planning through Gantt or Workload views. Reduce interruptions. Enhance execution process.

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Actionable Metrics

Fuel your strategic decisions with valuable insights, thanks to configurable reports and dashboards. Get actionable knowledge from your work data.

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Add second brain for your Team

Projects, ideas, initiatives, tasks and documentation in one coherent system. Remove stress and anxiety.

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Integrated and Automated

Connect Teamhood with your choice of business tools or extend its capabilities via API for tailored solutions.

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Your Work, Your Way

Make Teamhood work precisely the way you want it to by customizing features to match your work process.

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Control Dependencies

Simplify the management of work dependencies with Teamhood’s powerful work item relations for organized and efficient project execution.

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