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Agile resources

A collection of articles about the Agile approach and its frameworks. Find everything you need to know and start your Agile journey right.

What is Agile

Want to turn your processes Agile? This is a great place to start. Learn about the approach and how to begin your journey.

What is Scrum

Get familiar with the most popular Agile framework – Scrum. See what it takes to implement the practice in your team and if it suits you.

What is Scrumban

Looking for a looser version of Scrum? Check out Scrumban for a modified approach that is more flexible than Scrum, and more structured than Kanban.

Scrumban Ultimate Guide

Want a quick overview of Scrumban? Download our guide for a visual information package.

Productivity Gallery

Check out the productivity gallery for a variety of visual Agile resources and guides.

Agile Maturity Test

See how well you and your team know Agile. A quick test will reveal your strong and weak points so you know how to improve.

Scrumban Cheat Sheet

All you need to know about Scrumban in one handy cheat sheet.

Scrumban Board Examples

Real-life examples to help you set up your process board.

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