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Agile Maturity Test

Agile is one if not the most popular project management approaches we use today. In fact, according to the newest statistics, up to 71% of companies are in the process of adopting Agile at the moment. And while the success rates of Agile implementation are 1.5 times higher than the implementation of Waterfall, they are still at only 42%.

Want to know how to improve this rate for your team? Take our Agile maturity test to see what needs to be improved.

agile maturity test

Improving Your Agile Approach

Agile is not a set of rules and practices for teams to follow, thus when implementing it many run into some uncertainties on how to move forward. To help you see what needs improvement, the Agile maturity test focuses on three aspects – speed, quality, and value created. Analyzing how successful you are at implementing the three key pillars of Agile, no matter the framework chosen – Scrum, Kanban, or any other.

If you are just starting out with implementing Agile practices in your organization, here is a 5 step guide for company agility. Laying out the basic principles that should be followed always and not forgotten in the process. It is also a good reminder of best practices for those already practicing Agile.

If you are looking for something more advanced, we suggest taking a look at our advanced Kanban board solutions. This allows you to structure and visualize even the most difficult process in a way that is clear and manageable for everyone on the team. By taking advantage of columns, column groups, rows, and secondary process columns for subtasks, you can effectively run any project for any team. Check out our Kanban templates for more information and solutions fit for Engineering, Marketing, Finance, Sales, and other teams.

Ready to take the test? Evaluate your efforts and then come back to the resources mentioned above as needed!

Agile Maturity Test

16 questions

To find out how Agile is your Team

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