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Project management cheat sheet

project management cheat sheet

3 Main Kanban Principles

kanban principle

Proactive work management

Tips on improving your company culture, rules, and tools to create proactive work management habits.

Proactive work management final2

No-brainer Agile Estimations

Have a little fun with your Agile estimation attempts – see which tasks require multi brains and which are no brainers.

brain counter

Story point estimation table

story point estimation

Kanban cheat sheet

Get you acquainted with the most important terms and serve as a quick reminder when needed.

kanban cheat sheet

Scrum cheat sheet

An overview of the most important terms and practices to get familiar with Scrum or get a reminder when needed.

Scrum Cheat Sheet

Virtual meeting fatigue

Main causes and ways to lessen virtual meeting fatigue in your team.

virtual meeting fatigue

Scrumban Cheatsheet

Scrumban Cheat Sheet 2022

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