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Scrumban Cheat Sheet

Scrumban is the best-known hybrid Agile approach. Composed out of Scrum and Kanban, it carries the best of both worlds. At the same time, it can become quite confusing in which method should prevail and when to use Scrum or Kanban.

To help you out in this endeavor, we have come up with a Scrumban cheat sheet. Including all of the basics you need to know on one page.

Here is the full Scrumban cheat sheetUse the Download button at the bottom for your image or PDF copy.

Scrumban Cheat Sheet

Scrumban terminology

Below is a short review of Scrumban terms and rules.

Scrumban Process

Continuous work with planning on-demand and detached releases once the product is ready.

Scrumban Roles

Scrumban does not have any predesigned roles. Teams can choose to keep their previous roles or adapt those used in Scrum.

Scrumban Iterations

Scrumban does not have defined iterations. Instead, the team plans based on demand and releases once the product is ready.

Task Size

There is no particular size a task should fit. Instead, it should have a clear goal for a team member to complete.

basic Scrumban board example

Work In Progress (WIP)

Limits the number of tasks the team can work on at any given point. Guarantees each job is completed before starting the next one starts.

Average Cycle Time

Calculates the average time from the task being started (not created) to it being delivered.

Feature Freeze

An event that stops planning and adding new tasks. This happens when there is 5-15% of the time left before the deadline.


An event where the team decides which tasks will be completed before the end of the project and which will not.

Planning Buckets

A long-term planning tactic for Scrumban teams. Uses 1-year, 6-month, and 3-month buckets to plan and estimate.

Scrumban cheat sheet

Grab your copy of the Scrumban cheat sheet above and have all the information you need ready to go.

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