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Workspace template

We all know the power of a good template – you can pick it up and start working immediately without having to doubt yourself any further. Templates help ease you into the process and optimize it later on. This is why in Teamhood templates are of two types – created for you and ones you can create yourself. Giving you everything to start and continue working effectively all the way through each project.

Curious to know more? Here we go!

Built in Teamhood templates

To help you get started or to get a new project going, we have made sure there are ample Teamhood templates for our users to choose from. When you create a new workspace, you will find the built-in templates categorized based on their function for easier navigation and access.

At the very top, you will see the most common workspaces for project management, remote collaboration, task management, and personal tasks. All of these templates are designed without a specific industry or sector in mind. Thus, they give you a general layout that can be used by any company or team. if you are not sure of the focus of your project or just want a simple board that you can modify later on, pick one of these templates and start working.

If you are in for a more specialized solution, following the common workspaces you will find templates for specific sectors. Amongst the predesigned templates, there are workspaces for Engineering, Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Sales teams. There is even a specific template for Furniture manufacturing processes since companies in the furniture industry have taken digitalization very seriously these days. For some sectors, you will find just one template, while other, more complicated industries will have several templates to choose from. If you work in one of these departments or industries, choosing these templates will let you get a more specialized and fitting process right out of the gate. So you do not have to worry and spend time thinking about how to adapt Teamhood to your needs.

kanban board
Engineering Kanban template

Teamhood templates under the name of Project management will serve those in search of Agile application. Pick Lean/Kanban for a standard Kanban board and Agile for a regular Scrum process. No matter which of the templates you choose, you have full control and the ability to modify anything that does not fit your process. Or, in other words, to iterate as much as you need.

The last section on the list is Workshop templates, giving you a canvas to review your process and improve it according to the changing needs. This set will help you hold retrospective meetings, set OKRs, and more.

You can read more about each template in the Teamhood Kanban template gallery or review 16 Kanban board examples to get a clearer sense what will be the best fit for you.

Teamhood templates you can create

Having predesigned templates is great, but once your project gets going, you may find yourself in need of creating templates of your own. Doing so helps standardize operations in the whole company, eases the onboarding of new teams, and allows them to work quicker. To help out, there are two custom Teamhood templates for you to use – Workspace and Work item.

Workspace templates

Once you and your team work-out an optimal process for the company, there is a big chance you will want to replicate it in other departments or company branches. To help you do just that, Teamhood allows you to save any workspace as a custom template. All you have to do is open the settings menu and press ‘Save as Template’ next to the name of your workspace. Enter the name and description of the new template and press ‘Create Template’.

save as template

That’s it. From now on, when creating a new workspace you and your team members will be able to pick the new template from the ‘Custom templates’ section. Once chosen, they will be able to see the name and description you have put in, so make sure it is clear to everyone in the company.

teamhood templates

Task templates

Another Teamhood template option is for work items. This helps you and your teams save time when creating new work items as they can choose from a list of saved templates and simply add in new details. To create a work item template, you will first have to create a work item or task that has everything that has to be in the template. Once you are done, open the work item details and press ‘Save as Template in the upper right corner. Enter the name of the template and you are done.

item as template

From now on, when creating a new task you will be able to either create a blank item or pick a custom template that was previously created. If you or your team members choose the template, they will only have to fill in the missing details or ones that have recently changed. Thus, allowing them to save important time and concentrate on the things that bring the most value.

More on Teamhood features

Looking for more Teamhood features? Read about the task board, time tracking, Timeline view, and Agile performance metrics. Or check the release notes to find out about all of the latest features and improvements we have made.

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