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Effectmakers – Merging High-Level Planning and Visibility

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It was in 2011 when Henrik Hamre and Mads Okkels Hansen set out to develop the best software tool for key account planning in the CPG industry and founded Effectmakers. Located in Copenhagen, the company is now a leader in trade promotion management and customer business planning solutions. Their BMS tool is used across 7 countries and services over 1300 end users daily. Supporting clients like Lavazza, Tulip, and LÓreal.

With both internal and client projects at hand, the company actively supports 12 different versions of their product, which requires good management and planning skills. Which the company chose to entrust into the hands of Teamhood.

Choosing Teamhood

We spoke with Dimitrios Zygolanis, the current vice president of Effectmakers about how Teamhood has affected their project management practices. Here is what he shared.

Dimitrios first found Teamhood in the spring of 2021. Then as a product manager, he was looking for an easy-to-use solution to aid the product team in the planning and execution of the Product roadmap. Teamhood seemed like a good option to do the job. Especially Teamhood being a better way to use Kanban for Project Management because of the professional Kanban and Gantt view combination. Which allowed the team to merge daily task execution and long-term planning.

“Teamhood is helping us to make an easy way of executing our planned tasks, offering both options for details and high-level planning and visibility.”

The Process

Effectmakers operates as a company of 2 teams – the product team and the business team. The product team is responsible for the technical solutions and supports the technical products, while the business team manages clients, customer relations, and business-related support.

Dimitrios says both teams work in monthly iterations. The selected client and internal projects are prioritized, allocated to specific weeks, and delegated to the teams. Then each case is broken down into executable tasks, which are delegated to the team members and scheduled according to their dependencies. Teamhood serves as the main planning solution for the whole process, as well as aids in the management of other company processes.

“After starting to use Teamhood our structure and process of executing tasks became easier to follow up and track. As well as more flexible to work with.”

Scaling Teamhood

Effectmakers were first interested in Teamhood as a way to ease the product backlog management for the product team. According to Dimitrios, over the two years, the application of the tool has scaled to other processes throughout the company. Now Teamhood is also used for daily support, planning and executing database upgrades, and implementation of projects. Making it an organizational rather than just a team-level tool.

Favorite Features

Teamhood has become a daily habit for the team at Effectmakers. All the work is planned, tracked, and handled through the tool. When asked what are his favorite and most valuable features of Teamhood, Dimitrios lists the following:

  1. Dependencies
  2. Custom fields
  3. Tags
  4. Sub-status work structure

All of these allow for easier project planning, task prioritization, and follow-through. Providing visual cues and the most important project data in the favorite views of the team.

When asked if he had any advice for others just starting to use Teamhood, Dimitrios suggested just going with it and experimenting. The tool is visual and easy to use, thus you will surely quickly find the most beneficial parts of it for your team.

“They should just go for it and experiment with all different structures and views. Without any doubt, they will find the one most valuable for them.”

Share your experiences

We would love to hear about your experiences with Teamhood. Share your stories with us and inspire other project management teams with your practices.

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