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We firmly believe that learning through customer story real-life examples is one of the most effective methods to grow as a company. For this reason, we come back with an exclusive Teamhood customer story.

Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Artūras Možeiko, a director and a project manager at, to delve into their journey with Teamhood and ask questions about how they implement the tool and other productivity hacks. Here’s what Artūras shared with us.

About is a leading online store in Lithuania, offering not just a wide range of products but also a space for creativity and learning. With over 2000 square meters of warehouse space in Vilnius, they provide top-quality tools for work and education, delivering orders across the Baltic region. According to Artūras, is a typical e-commerce company, with primary operations revolving around sales and marketing departments.

Why Teamhood?

As the manufacturer of the essential first grader’s school supply basket, runs multiple ordering and distribution processes that ensure they have everything needed for offices, schools, and creative endeavors, catering to both small and big minds alike. In order to streamline these processes, sought out an extra tooling solution.

arturas mozeiko

Our clients often request products not listed on our website, leading to numerous email exchanges. With over 200 requests monthly, organizing them becomes overwhelming. Employees spend hours trying to compile accurate reports. That’s when we decided to try using Teamhood.

Artūras Možeiko
Director at

The company, prior to Teamhood, used other free platforms such as Trello and, but they soon noticed that these platforms were not fully covering their business needs. According to Artūras, their primary goal during product research was to consolidate everything in one location. After researching on Google and testing Trello and, found Teamhood more convenient tool for their project management needs.

How has the process changed since?

Artūras elaborated that the company is always trying to add new processes to their workflow:

We maintain customer support, sales, and warehouse departments, with the latter handling supplier communication. Teamhood primarily supports our marketing and procurement functions, and as managers, we also utilize the Teamhood platform for our operations.

Artūras Možeiko
Director at

When asked to describe where Teamhood had the most impact, director, highlighted 2 departments where Teamhood made a significant impact: Marketing and Purchasing departments.

kanban board template marketing and sales

As we expanded our team to include designers and content writers, we encountered difficulty in managing tasks for a single person due to the increasing workload. Managing various small tasks, such as adjusting prices, adding banners, ordering copies and translations, and updating banners on Latvian and Estonian websites, became overwhelming via email.

It led to complete chaos. With the introduction of Teamhood, the entire marketing process became way more organized.

Artūras Možeiko
Director at

Another noteworthy case happened within the purchasing department. Prior to integrating Teamhood into their workflow, they often used paper-based notes to compile information, a method Artūras emphasized as suboptimal, largely due to its lack of centralization.

Sales Kanban view

The key factor in selecting Teamhood as their project management tool was the ability to consolidate all tasks in one centralized platform, which was particularly crucial for the purchasing team.

Finally, the company made a significant transition when it began hiring employees remotely. With daily office meetings no longer feasible, there was a demand for a tool that could effectively manage projects remotely. Here are the main reasons opted for Teamhood, and they’ve remained committed ever since.

Challenges with change management

Artūras noted the difficulty of introducing a project management tool, especially with employees who prefer personal notes. This highlights the common resistance to change when new systems are introduced. As Artūras says, perhaps it’s also driven by a fear of missing deadlines. Overcoming this resistance involves not just introducing the tool but also providing effective communication and support for a smooth transition.

Why others should choose Teamhood?

As previously mentioned, Artūras recommends that teams, especially those in marketing and purchasing departments, consider trying out Teamhood for several reasons:

  • Tasks can be easily divided into months, allowing for structured organization.
  • The tool is particularly useful for managing micro-tasks, such as banner creation or discount campaigns.
  • Multiple team members can create sub-tasks, which is crucial for the dynamic workflow of e-commerce.

Teamhood is our choice for marketing projects. It simplifies campaign management by allowing tasks to be divided into monthly segments. Its collaborative features enable multiple team members to efficiently handle sub-tasks, making it invaluable for coordinating discount campaigns and other marketing strategies.

Artūras Možeiko
Director at

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