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WISE Ltd. Saves Time and Budget with Teamhood

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2019 - Present Co-founder and CEO @ Teamhood. 2015-2019 Head of software engineering department at Danske Bank. 2017-2018 Partner Associate Professor at Vilnius University. Lecturer of Software Architecture course 2011 - 2015 Managed numerous smaller IT teams at Prewise. Co-founder of RaveIT, Eylean, No Brakes Games Certified Agile product owner and practitioner. Managed large scale enterprise projects as well as launch of small startup products. MSc of Software Engineering at Vilnius University. Hobbies: Racing, MTB cycling, Windsurfing

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Time is something you cannot buy, but you can spend it wisely. In this post, we proudly present how WISE Ltd. saves time and budget by using Teamhood for their tasks and projects.

How it all started?

At Teamhood, our users are the reason why we aim high at our job every day. This time, we have interviewed Joe Ferris who is a Senior Software Manager at WISE Ltd. Joe have told us how and why they use Teamhood.

About WISE Ltd.

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WISE is headquartered in Wexford, Ireland. The company designs and develops custom software solutions primarily in the manufacturing industries. This includes Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Food & Beverages Manufacturing, Warehouse Management, Track & Trace Systems, Laboratory Q/A.

WISE has maintained its operations at 100% through the Pandemic (2020 and 2021), has completed the development and launch of a brand new Software Product for the Food Industry and further versions for Pharma, and managed to keep the 2022 development projects on the increase.

What influenced the search for a Kanban solution?

Joe explains that they have a relatively small but highly-skilled design & development team consisting of management/admin, solution designers, developers, and testers. All of them needed a way of managing the work which consists of service desk, planned project work and unplanned work.

Lastly, Joe states that he and his team have found Kanban to be the best option for a visual representation of the work items and workflow management.

Managing engineering projects and tasks in one system

The engineering team at WISE previously used tools like Project Insight and Planview Leankit but were not satisfied. Thus, they have performed an extensive online search for a better option. This is when Joe found Teamhood. Their goal was to find a single solution that was easy to use, had flexible Kanban and strong project management features such as Gantt chart and resource Workload management.

By meeting the core requirements and being a better budget fit Teamhood was a winning choice for Joe and his team.

How WISE uses Teamhood?

The WISE engineering team uses Teamhood Kanban project boards daily and has different boards set up for each active project that they are working on. For them, ability to customize Kanban board layouts is essential. That way Joe and his colleagues can separate the types of work items (e.g. defects, development, testing). Lastly, to manage project timelines and resources per day/week, Wise team utilizes Gantt and Workload views.

Joe’s team have also built custom integrations utilizing Teamhood API to allow automatic creation of work items from an external system. The next step for them is to use the Kanban board sharing feature because in Teamhood you can share a read-only view of a project board with customers. This way WISE customers will have visibility on item progress and delivery of new releases.

Advice for future users of Teamhood?

Not every Company is a perfect fit for the pure Agile Methodology (and therefore those specific Tools) and Teamhood delivers a more realtisic option for such Companies. It captures the key elements of Agile and the fundamental elements of Kanban, visibility and communication methods.

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Examples of practices in Teamhood used by WISE

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