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3 Major reasons to choose Teamhood over Asana

  • Scalable Kanban System
  • Value vs Brand
  • Gantt chart & workload management
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Scalable Kanban System

Accurately visualize your company processes by separating your task board into columns and swimlanes. Track subtasks in a two tier kanban flows. Define as many nested levels of tasks as you need.
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Value vs Brand

Asana is a shiny brand with a price tag. Teamhood is a full project management and collaboration system that scales well and does the job better for less.
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Gantt chart & workload management

Take full control of your project by setting long-term plans with a Gantt chart and managing your team’s workload in one place.

Visual Kanban board

The Teamhood Kanban board is a powerful tool that can visualize even the most complex processes. With the help of rows, columns, and secondary columns, you can replicate any process and effectively track progress in one task board. The task cards on the board deliver just enough information for the initial review while all the important details can be found by opening the task card.

Compared to Asana, visualizing your tasks in Teamhood allows for a lot more clarity, effective task sorting, and the ability to understand what is going on from the first glance. Just look at the comparison below to see how easy it is to group tasks in Teamhood, while the subtasks are tracked in separate process columns.

best asana alternative best asana alternative best asana alternative asana kanban alternative asana kanban alternative asana kanban alternative

Task Estimations, Time Tracking & Hourly Rates




Teamhood offers a built-in time tracking option making it easier to plan and track the work being done. Later compare it to estimated budget and see if your project is profitable!

Estimate how much time each task will take, review the workloads for the team and accurately predict when will the project be finished. As you start working, track time live or add in the data later. You will be able to compare estimations to the tracked time and improve task evaluations in the future.

Contrary to Asana, you don’t need any plugins and can use these features immediately. Everything is already buil-in for no extra cost.



Track time and report Track time and report Track time and report

Gantt Chart

Plan out your projects using Teamhood’s Gantt views. Visualize tasks on a timeline and see the important details without having to open the task information. Contrary to Asana, Teamhood visualizes both tasks and subtasks on the Timeline. Thus, giving you more clarity on the progress and the scope of work that is yet to be done. 

The Gantt chart in Teamhood retains the rows from your task board, making it even easier to navigate. Switch between Kanban, Gantt, and List views at any moment to have the most comfortable working environment for each team member.

best asana alternative best asana alternative best asana alternative asana gantt alternative asana gantt alternative asana gantt alternative

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Workload Management




Easily manage your team’s workload with the Teamhood workload view. All tasks with a defined timeframe will be automatically reflected and you can modify the availability of each team member separately thus creating an accurate view of their workload.

Enjoy easier team management and better work distribution with Teamhood!






asana workload alterantive asana workload alterantive asana workload alterantive

People prefer Teamhood


Thomas Miramond

Head of Preclinical


Great Agile tool for collaborative work and tasks management. Easy to track tasks, generate Gantt, follow the workload and monitor macro budget or metrics report. Reactive support and great overall service level.


Aqua Zumaraite

CX and Marketing Manager

As a tech startup, having a clear project management tool and plan is really important. Teamhood has helped us with our daily tasks, weekly catchups and most importantly transparency and productivity in the company.


Joe Ferris

Senior Software Manager


Teamhood delivers a more realtisic option for Companies that want to practice Agile ways of working. It captures the key elements of Agile and the fundamental elements of Kanban, visibility and communication methods.

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Value for money

Asana offers a free basic version, however that is limited in both – features and possibilities. When it comes to the paid plans, Teamhood is a clear winner offering more value for less money to it users.

You will find most of the project management features in Teamhood for only 9 EU per user/month!

One tool to make your team the champion

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Team tasks
Cross project dependencies
Project portfolio
Workload management
Document sharing
Kanban Swimlanes
Kanban system
Time tracking
Nested subtasks
Item changelog

Better project management experience

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