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3 Major reasons Teamhood is the best Kanbanize alternative

  • Full scope project management
  • Easy to use
  • Team collaboration
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Full scope project management

All tools for effective project management – planning, tracking, and delivery.
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Easy to use

Build and manage your boards in seconds!
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Team collaboration

Project management is teamwork. Let your team rock!

Compare Teamhood and Kanbanize

Let’s look into details of what makes Teamhood the best Kanbanize alternative. In the sliding picture below we show a direct comparison of Kanbanize and Teamhood Kanban board screenshots of equal size. Both are built for simplified development of Solar X23 products including the design and production phases. Exactly the same process, the same number of tasks, same task information.

What makes these two boards different? Both tools are built as full featured Kanban systems including features like swimlanes, commitment points and WIP limits. However Teamhood advances in optimal usage of space and ease of use. Consider most frequent actions like create new item, edit items, set dependencies, create and manage child items. Saving seconds on such actions can save hours of work per month.

A unique feature of Teamhood Kanban board – child processes to manage operational details. When a parent item reaches the Work in Progress stage, child items fall into a child process. Making it easy to track their progress. While parent and child items in Kanbanize mix up and need special attention to recognize relationships.

kanbanize kanban board kanbanize kanban board kanbanize kanban board Teamhood Kanban board vs Kanbanize Teamhood Kanban board vs Kanbanize Teamhood Kanban board vs Kanbanize

One tool for teamwork management

The ultimate difference between Kanbanize and Teamhood is that Kanbanize is Kanban-only tool, and Teamhood is a universal work management and collaboration platform. Let’s start with the Gantt chart. Kanban is a great tool to track project implementation, but it can hardly replace Gantt when it comes to planning, scheduling projects, and managing dependencies.

gantt dependencies engi gantt dependencies engi gantt dependencies engi

Kanban is a tool to visualize work. But for Teamhood visualization of work is much more than Kanban. This is why it is the best Kanbanize alternative for visual thinkers.

List, Workload, Timeline, Kanban, or Gantt. The team can switch between views instantly depending on what needs to be done, or which way is more efficient to manage work.


Teamhood Workload Teamhood Workload Teamhood Workload

Team Collaboration

Teamhood is built for high-performing teams. It is designed to keep collaboration data transparent, visible, and easily accessible. Item card can be a simple task, but it can grow into complex assignments if needed involving all teams, divided into smaller tasks. All data, related to the assignment like documents, conversations, logged time, and notes are easy to read and easy to add.



task details comments task details comments task details comments

Value for money

Kanbanize price is around 8 EUR/user/month. However, this tool is not friendly to small teams, since its smallest package is 15 seats. Teamhood, on the other hand, offers a minimum package of 3 seats, therefore it suits well for start-ups and high-performing teams within larger companies.

The “Professional” plan in Teamhood comes in at 9 EUR per seat/month and offers all the features needed to successfully manage projects in 2020s.

One tool to make your team the champion

OO teamhood 128 kanbanize icon
Team tasks
Kanban board
Child items
Item changelog
Project Gantt chart
Project portfolio
Time tracking
Workload management
Document sharing

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