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3 Major reasons Teamhood is the best Microsoft Project alternative

  • Kanban system
  • Level of detail
  • Cross-Project collaboration
best microsoft project alternative

Kanban system

Streamline your processes, prioritization, and delivery of results
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Level of detail

Ensure transparency and control of every detail
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Cross-Project collaboration

Plan, execute and collaborate in the same platform for price of 50% less.

Integrated Multi-Project Environment

Centralize all your project data in one system and use it to align resources, dependencies, assignments and plans. With Teamhood you can save time and make changes to your projects altogether without risk of missing important details. Teamhood offers multiproject views to enable cross-project management, especially when it comes to people and workload.

asana workload alterantive

Kanban system structure

Kanban is an inevitable tool for project managers and their teams to track the progress of work and keep the focus on delivery. The Teamhood Kanban board is designed to help users find their tasks easily and quickly even if the processes are complex. And this makes Teamhood the best Microsoft Project alternative.

Slide pictures below and compare the exact same project Solar X23 visualized in Microsoft Project and Teamhood (screenshots of equal size). Which one do You like more?

kanban ms project vs teamhood kanban ms project vs teamhood kanban ms project vs teamhood asana kanban alternative asana kanban alternative asana kanban alternative

What makes these two boards different?

Teamhood Kanban board allows teams to categorize items into swimlanes, add colors and tags to tasks.

A unique feature of Teamhood Kanban board – child processes to manage operational details. 

Microsoft Project Kanban board does not offer any possibilities to categorize items in its Kanban board. If there are more than 6 items in a column it becomes messy and difficult to use.

Gantt chart

Let’s now take a look at the two Gantt charts. It is the same Solar X23 project with identical details, simply switched to the Gantt view. Slide and find at least 3 differences!

best microsoft project alternative best microsoft project alternative best microsoft project alternative ms project alternative ms project alternative ms project alternative

Besides static differences, you found, there are some dynamic ones too.

Teamhood allows to easily configure item information and shows it on the left side of the screen. Here you can adjust any details like item status, schedule, budget, assignee, etc. This makes the items easier to manage right in the Gantt view, without opening each item separately.

Categorizing into phases, adding colors to tasks and statuses – all of this makes Teamhood Gantt chart better structured and easier to manage.

Not to mention the feel and ease of dragging and connecting items. This cannot be shown in pictures – instead you should try it out for yourself to feel the difference. And trying out Teamhood takes just a few minutes.

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Level of detail

Teamhood is built for precise work management, where every detail counts. You can create child items and grandchild items to any needed level. No matter how many levels of items you create, each of them will retain full task information – assignees, tags, estimates, schedule, description, time tracking, comments, etc.

Microsoft project has summary tasks, however, they don’t work as parent items. Summary tasks are not visible in Kanban board view, you cannot assign an owner to them, etc. This makes using summary tasks confusing.

Besides that, in Teamhood, the whole work item history is visible in its changelog. All communication on each item is stored on its card. Making it easy to trace the work that has been done.

best monday alternative best monday alternative best monday alternative

Team collaboration

Teamhood is designed for high-performing teams. Collaboration among Teamhood users evolves around work items – comments, sharing files, adding “watchers”, tracking time.

Each Teamhood work item has a unique URL, which makes it super-easy to share or refer to in any other communication channel. Teamhood offers customizable notifications delivered by email. Last, but not least – Teamhood is integrated with Microsoft Teams, which provides Teams users an easy way to turn chats into actions and value delivery.

Collaboration possibilities are very limited Microsoft Project. Even if it is commonly considered a good project planning tool, it can hardly help to execute and deliver.

Item details Item details Item details

Value for money

Microsoft Project has introduced its cloud-based versions to keep up with the competition. However, its cheapest plan lags far behind Teamhood’s “Professional” plan in features offered. Anything above basic task management – like timesheet reports, workload management, or reporting at Microsoft Project comes with a Plan 3 at 30 USD per user/month. However, even with this plan, features like time tracking, child processes, or swimlanes in Kanban board will not be there.

The “Professional” plan in Teamhood comes in at 9 EUR per seat/month and you will get all the features needed to successfully manage projects in 2021.

One tool to make your team the champion

OO teamhood 128 msop
Team tasks
Project management
Project portfolio
Kanban board
Kanban system
Child items
Workload management
Document sharing
Time tracking
Item changelog

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