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Visual Work Management

Streamline your processes, prioritization, and delivery of results with unique approach to Kanban boards. We focus on smart interfaces to minimize congnitive load.

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Task Dependencies & Hierarchy

Easy task dependency management with unlimited levels of hierarchy. Use multiple dependency types to structure things the way you want.

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Professional Project Management

Take advatage of professional Gantt charts, Workload management and advanced techniques to make your projects a success.

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Your Monday Alternative

Teamhood is a visual and easy to use Kanban system that adopts to your process and not the other way around.

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Work the way you like

Visualize with Kanban

Replicate your process within Teamhood and easily track the progress of each task.

Kanban board

Track dependencies with Gantt

map out the task dependencies and understand the relationships between tasks to set accurate timelines for your projects.

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Hold all details in one place

Use item details to specify and easily share any and all information retaed to that task. Create custom fields, mark dependencies, and collborate with your team.

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Organize resources with Workload

Cross project resource management can finally be done painlessly. Be it people or machinery, there is no difference with this Businessmap alternative.

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Log time with Tracker

Integrated and intuitive time tracker reduces the risk of forgetting to log time. Easy reporting included.

teamhood time tracker

Create documentation with Pages

Capture essential knowledge about projects and teamwork. A true all-in-one system.

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What leaders say about Teamhood?

  • andrewj

    Andrew Jones

    Aug, 10


    We are amazed how easy is to use Teamhood Gantt charts on daily basis as well as their unique Kanban board. I recommend getting in touch with their team, they can advise you and share other companies’ experiences.

  • mikolaj

    Mikolaj Dunikowski

    Feb, 22


    We tested many products in this space and found Teamhood’s Kanban board the most full-featured and highly intuitive. Child status groups are an absolute killer feature for managing large projects.

  • mateom 1

    Matteo Musso

    Oct, 14

    Software Engineer

    The flexibility Teamhood has in terms of configuration, still maintaining simplicity, is astonishing! It’s the perfect mix for my use case, a newly born scrum team working on multiple projects simultaneously.

  • team management system

    Jason Jantz

    Oct, 18

    Head of Sales

    It’s so easy to organize the data. The GANTT chart, and Kanban views are excellent. All the functionality I need without making it overly complex. Quick learning curve.

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