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3 major reasons to choose Teamhood over Monday

  • Kanban system
  • Level of detail
  • Dependencies & Nested tasks
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Kanban system

Streamline your processes, prioritization, and delivery of results
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Level of detail

Ensure transparency and control of every detail
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Dependencies & Nested tasks

No need for complex automation to manage item connections, do not limit yourself to one level of hierarchy for complex tasks

Kanban System

Teamhood has designed a board structure to visualize complex processes, with swimlanes, sub-columns and 2-tier Kanban process for nested tasks. Item cards deliver the most important information and take less space to fit more of them on a screen. Teamhood board design is thought after helping users finding their tasks easy and quickly. item cards take a much larger space and contain repeating information like the name of the field. Overwhelming information distracts users as well as scrolling tails of large cards.

In the sliding picture below direct comparison of Monday and Teamhood Kanban board screenshots of equal size. Both contain exactly the same information on tasks – name, asignee, deadline, estimation and tag. Monday board could not fit 3 items in column, Teamhood has space for another 2!

monday vs teamhood kanban board monday vs teamhood kanban board monday vs teamhood kanban board monday kanban alternative monday kanban alternative monday kanban alternative

Gantt Charts & Dependencies

It is easy to create and edit dependencies in Teamhood in any view – item card, Gantt, Timeline, or Workload. It takes one click to create a recurring task in Teamhood – no need for complex automation like in Monday.

Dependencies are limited in Monday. You can only edit them in the item card, but not in Gantt or Timeline view.



ms project alternative ms project alternative ms project alternative

Kanban system structure

Teamhood Kanban board is built according to Kanban system practices. It has swimlanes, commitment points, WIP limits. A unique feature of Teamhood Kanban – child processes in Kanban board to manage operational details.  Besides that Teamhood delivers Kanban-based metrics like lead time, cycle time, and aging. has none of the mentioned above Kanban system features. Therefore from this perspective, board cannot be called a Kanban  board, but rather a column table.

asana kanban alternative asana kanban alternative asana kanban alternative

Level of detail

Teamhood is built for precise work management, where every detail counts. You can create child items and grandchild items to any needed level. And they will have all the fields of an item as their parents – assignees, tags, estimates, schedule, time tracking, comments, etc.

Monday has child items with very limited functionalities, they can not be scheduled (only assigned a deadline), and they are not visible in Kanban or Gantt view. Limited visibility of child items creates risk of missing work items.

Item details Item details Item details

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Value for money

Looking into price plans Monday might look cheaper than Teamhood from the first sight. But don’t get tricked! Features like time tracking, workload management, dependencies are important for efficient team work management.

In Teamhood you get everything in the “Professional” plan for 9 EUR/seat/month. To use these features in Monday, you will have to purchase their “Pro” plan and be charged at least 16 EUR per seat each month.

One tool to make your team the champion

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Team tasks
Project management
Project portfolio
Workload management
Document sharing
Kanban board
Kanban system
Time tracking
Manage child items
Item changelog

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