Project management

Teamhood is made to help teams take full control of their projects. Easily build and update plans, keep track of status, overview the full picture. Divide the large items into smaller detailed tasks and manage them..
teamhood task board simple

The Board

Use columns to represent the process and rows to separate teams, products or projects. Track tasks as they move through the steps to have a clear idea on what the team is doing.

Teamhood timeline 1


Set up the full project plan in a timeline and draw dependencies. Make sure the work is finished on time. Dependencies can be assigned to both – tasks and subtasks.

Teamhood dashboard


Quickly understand the overall progress and identify overdue tasks. Evaluate the workload of each team member. Reassign work to meet your deadlines.

Teamhood 2d kanban

Advanced Kanban: details within full scope

Divide larger tasks into smaller items. Use sub-process to control execution of small items without losing track of full scope of the project.

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Team collaboration

Teamhood delivers full transparency of team activities. This way it drives productivity and engagement of the team members. Teams using Kanban, Scrum, Scrumban or any other Agile technique get flexible visibility of their processes, details and measurements.
Teamhood work item

Powerful Item Cards

Keep all the important information and communication in the task details. Write comments with mentions, attach files, set tags, and get all related team members notified when things change. Review all previous actions in the task changelog.

Teamhood file view

Work on files

Forget sharing documents through e-mail or any other system. All files attached to tasks are now in one place – review, download and edit together.

team roles

Team Role Assignment

Choose which team members can collaborate on tasks and who controls the whole workspace. Different roles allow for easier workspace control.

Work Management

Teamhood is created to manage the work of large teams, but this does not mean your personal tasks are not important. Stay on top of what must be done with these handy features.
Teamhood my agenda

My Agenda

Quickly review items assigned to you, identify late tasks and decide where to draw your focus.

Teamhood notification colors


Stay on top of what happens with tasks you are assigned to, created, or are watching. Check the notification bell or opt-in for e-mail updates on your tasks.

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Teamhood Workload 1

Workload View

Review the workload of each team member individually and ensure the workload is divided equally. You will see tasks from all the boards and the accumulated estimated hours for each day.

Time Tracking

Teamhood helps you track and review time data. Estimate how long tasks will take and then compare it to the actual time spent. Filter, group and visualize time data in a way that gives a clear picture of your progress.
Time tracking

Integrated Time Tracker

Track live when working on a task or add in time spent later. Review estimated vs spent time to evaluate progress.

Teamhood timesheet report

Time reports

See all tracked time for given time period. Group data by the most useful approach – by month, by person, by customer or by project.

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Process Design

Teamhood is designed to visualize your process. Create work guidelines with the help of powerful 2D Kanban boards and accuratelly track task and subtask progress.
Teamhood 2d kanban

Rows and Columns

Use rows and columns to accuratelly visualize your work processes on a Kanban board. Add in secondary flow to track subtasks and minimize the learning time of new employees.

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Teamhood child items

Child items

Use subtasks to split large work items into smaller achievable tasks. Provide additional descriptions, due dates, files and assign each subtask to a member on your team.


Teamhood optimizes your workflow with built-in and custom templates. Choose from task board templates to get started and later ease task creation and standardize processes with your own task and workspace templates.
NW3 tas template

Item templates

Create the most common work item templates for the team to choose from. You will save time and ensure business process standards are met.

NW5 Workspace template

Workspace templates

Define the most effective and useful task board structures and easily replicate them for every new project or team.​ Check Teamhood solutions for Engineering, Accounting and Financial services or Marketing teams, and more to come soon.

Task recurrence 1

Item Recurrence

Make the management of repeating tasks easier with the item recurrence feature. Set daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurrence and focus on creating new tasks instead of repeating ones.


Actionable Agile metrics

Teamhood was created to help you achieve the best results. With Actionable Agile metrics it will be easier to make decisions on which work items should be prioritized.
Teamhood AM Total progress

Total progress 

Quickly review the total progress your team has made so far. Compare how many planned, in progress and completed work items and work hours you have on the board. As well as an overall percent of project completion. 

Teamhood AM Items on time 1

Items completed in time or aging in progress 

Understand if your team is capable meeting the deadlines by analyzing how many items are being completed on time. And identify any possible bottlenecks by monitoring for how long items have been sitting in progress. 

Teamhood AM time to complete 1

Time to complete and New vs completed items 

See how long it takes your team to complete a task since its creation. Look for causes if this number suddenly increases or drops. Also check the rate of completion versus the rate of new task creation. If they are not growing together, there may be some issues. 

Actionable items 1

Actionable items 

Quickly improve your productivity and project status by checking on the Actionable items feature. Complete the overdue tasks to get back on track and enlist the help of your team to finish items that have been aging in progress for some time. 

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Teamhood is a project management and task management solution that helps companies to streamline business processes and deliver results faster. Teamhood is designed for professional teams seeking efficiency at work and full empowerment of their talents. Teamhood provides workspaces, customized kanban boards with fine-tuned time tracking, collaboration functionalities as well as visual agile metrics reporting.
Teamhood is developed by Eylean, a project management software company since 2011. Eylean products are valued by its numerous customers globally such as Mercedes AG, Festool, Johnson&Johnson, Rabobank and others.

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