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Project management

Online gantt chart maker

Gantt charts

Plan and manage your projects in detail with Teamhood Gantt charts.

kanban board v2

Kanban boards

Turn your ideas into commitments and plans in seconds with customizable Kanban boards.

project portfolio

Project portfolio

For PMOs or advanced PMs – keep all your projects at hand with the project portfolio.

project documentation

Project Documentation

Keep your project data close to your actual project plans.

item details estimate


Estimate budget, time, or efforts for each task to make your plans predictable and measurable.



Connect dependent tasks with two clicks in the Gantt chart or timeline.

unlimited hierarchy

Unlimited sub items

Make your plans as detailed as you need. Divide larger tasks into smaller items and distribute responsibilities so they are clear for everyone on your team.

Filter menu

Flexible filters

Quickly find what you are looking for by filtering certain users, tags, dates, and rows.

timesheet report

Hourly Rates

Set hourly rates for project collaborators and see project costs in real time. Teamhood will multiply hourly rates and tracked time.

Gantt baseline

Baseline vs Actual

Capture agreed project deadlines. Execute your project and if something goes differently, compare the actual situation with original plan.

Formula custom field

Formulas f(x)

Perform arthmetic operations on your project task data. Reduce the need for spreadsheets.

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Team workspaces

Workspace is your team’s workroom. It can have as many walls for boards as you need.

features team roles

Team roles

Assign team members specific user roles for workspaces – reader, collaborator, or manager.

list view

List view

Best for brainstorming and scope building. Reach your first halfway in minutes.

kanban view

Kanban view

Best for status updates and categorizing tasks – the most flexible Kanban tool in the world.


Timeline view

Best for time planning and predictability of delivery.


Workload view

Best for balancing resources and avoiding bottlenecks.

connected boards

Connected boards

Collaborate across teams moving items from one functional board to another.

item roles

Item tags

Use tags to provide additional task information as well as filtering perspective for different types of work.



Make your chats actionable – comment on tasks and help them keep going to get done.



Keep all your documents, images and other files, where the action happens. Make them relevant.

file view

File view

Find and manage files in file view. Find files by name or by related task.

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Task management

Teamhood kanban task

Item cards

All information about the item fits here. As well as all changelog if you need to check.



Create as many tags as needed to classify items and make them easier to filter out.



Make your plans even more visual by coloring items.



Updating status helps focus. Always know what you are working on, and what is waiting to get started. 



Estimate in hours, money, or effort. Practicing estimations makes your plans more predictable.

task links

Task links

Help your friend reach a specific task in a second. Share a link in a message or email.

custom work item fields

Custom work item fields

Mark any special information with custom text, number, or checkbox fields.

unlimited hierarchy

Unlimited hierarchy

Divide larger tasks into smaller items and distribute responsibilities so they are clear to everyone on your team.

select multiple items

Multi-select and multi-actions for tasks

Select multiple tasks on your board and select an action to apply to all of them.

Online gantt chart maker


List, Kanban, Timeline, Workload, or Gantt. The choice is yours. 

task recurrence

Recurring tasks

Reduce manual work by automating tasks that repeat regularly.

import tasks

Import tasks

Import from Excel, CSV, or Microsoft Project and manage your tasks easily. 

export tasks

Export tasks

Export boards or lists into custom Excel or PDF reports that you need for your work. 

email to task

Email to task

Make your emails actionable! Forward them to any board and turn them into tasks. 

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Time management

my agenda

My agenda

Start your day with a clear agenda and finish with a feeling of completeness.



Select which notifications you want to receive. Never miss an important update. 

time tracking

Track time

A native time tracker to make your work and efforts measurable. Turn on the time tracker when you start and turn it off when done.

log time

Log time

Not used to time tracker? Log time after the work is done and compare reality vs estimates.

due dates

Due dates

Setting a due date increases the probability of getting a task done by 3 times. 

due notifications

Due notifications

Do not get stressed by seeing red tasks. They simply allow you to spot the most important work immediately.


Timeline view

Build team or project schedules in a timeline view. Similar to Gantt, but easier to manage.

workload resources

Workload view

Manage the workload for your team, balance resources, keep everyone busy, but do not burn out.

time sheet report

Time sheet reports

Compare the actual time spent with estimates. Calibrate your estimations to be German-train predictable.

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Process design

kanban view

Customizable boards

The most customizable Kanban boards in the market. Think of a process or structure and Teamhood will deliver a board. 

connected boards

Connected boards

Split your end-to-end process into separate connected boards for easier management of work.

item templates

Item templates

Save any item as template and save time when creating similar items or tasks in the future. 

board templates

Board templates

Choose among ready-made templates to adopt for your process, methodology, or industry.

wip limits

WIP limits

Keep the focus. Set limits for the items in the work in progress” phase

task recurrence

Recurring items

Save time for creating items that repeat regularly.


Estimation units

Choose how you will estimate – hours, money, or story points.

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Reporting, analytics

Customizable dashboards

Customizable dashboards

Create your own custom dashboards that show the most relevant data for the project.

time sheet report

Time sheet report

Compare the actual time spent on tasks with estimates. Calibrate your estimations – make your plans more predictable each time. 

time to complete

Time to complete

Agile metric: how fast is your team to complete items since they are created.

completed on time

Completed on time

Agile metric: What percentage of items your team completes on time? 

aging in progress

Age in progress

Agile metric: How long have your current items been on the board?

new vs completed

New vs completed

Agile metric: Are you delivering faster than your backlog fills up?

actionable items

Actionable items

Get insights on which exact items affect your team’s performance.

multi workspace report workload

Multi-workspace reports

Join data from multiple workspaces and present it as a highly customizable reports.

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slack teamhood integration


Do not miss important tasks, comments or deadlines by getting notified directly in Slack.

ms teams teamhood integration

Microsoft Teams

Make Your Teams chats actionable. Create tasks and assign them right in the Teams chat.

Microsoft outlook features

Microsoft Outlook

Import and synchronize your Outlook calendar into Teamhood. Get better overview of your daily schedule alongside project work and tasks.


Azure DevOps

Leverage Teamhood’s advanced, yet easy-to-use, user interface on top of Azure DevOps work item store as a database. Full two-way sync.

kanban view

Open API

Integrate Teamhood into your company’s software ecosystem with open API.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Use your Microsoft ID to sign in to Teamhood, keep your company data secure.

zapier integration

3500+ tools via Zapier

Use Zapier middleware to connect almost any software to Teamhood.

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