Top 10 Teamwork Gif Examples

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rock paper scissors

We all enjoy a good gif, and they can be a great way to share the ups and downs of work, of bonding with your teammates, and of sharing jokes that can help keep the team motivated and productive.

In this article, we’ve collected some of the funniest teamwork gifs that we’ve found on the internet over the years. Hopefully, they’ll contain some sneaky lessons about teamwork too!

If you are looking to learn more about teamwork, here is a previous article about the five stages of team bonding: Team development cycle


teamwork gif

A good team relies on trust between its individual members – but these dogs take the concept to the next level!

Strength in numbers

teamwork gifs

Without coordinated effort and everyone moving at the same time, some of those penguins would have been doomed! This is a great reminder that when you coordinate your efforts you can overcome even the biggest threats. 

Splitting responsibilities

teamwork gif

Effective teams share the workload according to their skills and capacity. Here is a great visual representation of when individuals coordinate their efforts and share the responsibility for reaching their destination. 

Doing what you enjoy

teamwork gif

It is often easier to stay motivated and productive when working on tasks that you enjoy – and if ever a team looked like they were enjoying themselves, then it’s this group of Corgis in the snow.

Ability to improvise

teamwork gif

We would not recommend using makeshift equipment in potentially dangerous ways. However, the guys in this image have found an ingenious way to improvise with the equipment at hand. This can be a powerful lesson – when done safely! 

Coordinate your efforts

teamwork gif

These boys are working very hard at coordinating their movements because they’re not going to get very far if they don’t. It looks like they’ve been practicing for hours, but all the effort will pay off in the end. 

Provide support when teammates need it

via Imgflip

These cats display some remarkable empathy. As the first one struggles to get onto the windowsill, his friend actually helps him up. It’s a cute reminder to look out for your team members and to provide a helping hand where you can if any of them look like they might be struggling.  

Importance of team building exercises

teamwork gif

They seem to be locked in an internal battle of rock, paper, scissors because they can’t break out of their pattern. However, team building is very important, and games and puzzles are a great way of helping that process along. People often bond well when relaxing outside of work tasks. 

Be aware of what’s going on around you

OK, so these guys look like they’re showing off for the camera, that’s true. But being able to catch a flying hammer out of the air does display an impressive amount of spatial awareness nonetheless. If you can cultivate this kind of awareness with your teammates, then you’ll probably work much more effectively together. 

Teams can’t succeed without mutual support

teamwork gif

This image is a wonderful representation of the fact that we all need help from time to time, and that there are often times when we simply wouldn’t be able to succeed without our teammates. Foster a good, trusting working relationship, and your teammates will be there to carry you when you need it – just as you’ll be there to carry them when they need it. 

Fostering effective teamwork in a remote and hybrid working world

These days, when we talk about teamwork it’s most often in terms of remote or hybrid working, which has remained popular even as most of the world has come out of lockdown. 

It’s definitely true that remote working has created extra challenges around creating effective, high-performing teams. If this is a challenge you’re facing, check out our previous article on the subject: Remote Teamwork – 10 practices to foster success.

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