Best Welcome to the Team Memes (2024)

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welcome to the team meme

Joining a new team or welcoming a new colleague? Then this list of the best welcome to the team memes is sure to lighten your day! Grab your cup of coffee and scroll through to find the perfect meme for your new colleague.

1. How the recruiter welcomes you

Recruiters are relentless, but they sure know how to welcome you to the new team. Celebrating the new beginning with you.

2. How HR welcomes you

welcome to the team meme

There’s no lack of excitement when it comes to HR welcoming new employees either. More people means a growing family and a bigger community of like-minded individuals for them to overlook.

3. How the CEO welcomes you

welcome to the team meme

When it comes to CEOs or upper management, your company becomes your family. Joining is a big deal and thus, a proper welcome is required.

4. How your manager welcomes you

Joining a new team can be stressful, however, all your manager wants to know is how good you will be at the job. So a short welcome and let’s get to work is usually what you’ll get. Make sure to bring your A-game.

5. How the team welcomes you

Joining a new team that has been working together for a while may seem taunting. Keep in mind, they are all just trying to have some fun in between doing their jobs. You’ll be part of the gang soon enough.

6. How your buddy welcomes you

welcome to the team meme

Your buddy (a team member assigned to help you in the first weeks) will most likely feel like your life raft. Use them to learn everything there is to know and get advice on how to navigate the corporate waters.

7. Welcoming someone new

welcome to the team meme

Alternatively, if you have to welcome a new team member, remember to show them all the good spots! Including those where they can get a minute to gather their thoughts.

8. How your enemy welcomes you

Worked with some of the team members before and did not part on the best terms? Seeing them may feel like they are out to get you, but use this chance to repair your working relationship. You are on the same team after all.

And now let’s take a look at some specialized welcome to the team memes.

9. How the data analysts welcome you


Get in the good graces of analytics by stating your love for reviewing and analyzing data. After all, you are all made the same.

10. How the customer service team welcomes you

welcome to the danger zone

Like the adrenaline of helping your customers? You will get along great with the customer support team.

11. How the sales team welcomes you

welcome to the dream team

You are all superstars, yes you are! Feed on the energy, get excited and make those sales numbers shine.

12. How the social media team welcomes you

welcome to the team

Find yourself communicating in memes most of the time anyway? The social media team is waiting for your talents.

13. How everyone else welcomes you

elcome to the grind

And for the rest of us, welcome to the grind! We hope you like it here and have a good sense of humor for when things don’t go our way.

14. What it feels like for the rest of the team


Lastly, welcoming a new team member is fun, however, it often floods your inbox with one-word e-mails. Instead of meeting online only, welcome the new team members in style and go have some fun together!

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