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Furniture manufacturing process management

Pandemics have affected many industries not excluding furniture manufacturing. However, it also brings new opportunities to furniture producers and designers when people look to transform their homes to accommodate life in the new era. Home office, remote schooling, increased cooking, and other activities raise the need to invest in kitchen upgrades, effective office spaces, workplace furniture. On the other hand, the dynamics of the markets guarantee no certainty, and trends are impossible to predict.

Manufacturers of tailor-made furniture have to be Agile:

fast, efficient, quickly adapting to change, customer-focused.

And Teamhood is here to give them a hand.

How does Teamhood help the furniture manufacturing process to be faster?

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Manage end-to-end process

Visualize work, manage workload and deliver on time

Save time

Start easily, save time on documenting work and focus on value
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Improve efficiency

Take measures and get insights how to improve

Vizualize your process end-to-end

Use Teamhood Advanced Kanban Board to identify each important stage of your process: from customer request to delivery of the product. Teamhood Kanban boards are connected, therefore the process can be divided into large phases. E.g. separating the commerce/design phase and production allows departments to focus on their part of the work.


Furniture Kanban board

Ensure quality, every detail matters!

Keep all the relevant data in the item card – customer request notes and comments, files of drawings and calculations, tags for customers, or any other categories relevant to the manufacturing process of furniture.

The information will add up and travel through all the processes until the order is delivered to the customer and feedback is received. Also in the item card, you can estimate and log time spent on it. Item card is the base for the productivity analysis. Accurate and timely treatment of item cards will ensure valid measurements and trusted insights for improvement.


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Control your workloads, schedule and deliver on time

Kanban board is for managing process, and Timeline view is for managing time and workload. In the Timeline, you will easily identify bottlenecks and workload under-capacities. You will also easily drag items and child items to fit the capabilities of your production or design teams. Use dependencies between tasks, that have to be done in a predefined order, thus creating a furniture manufacturing process flow chart.

Furniture Timeline View

Use data to improve productivity

Based on the data of item movement within boards, Teamhood delivers valuable process metrics. How long does it actually take to complete orders? What is the share of orders completed late? Do you get enough orders to utilize your capacity? With process metrics analysis you will get more than these questions answered. It is important to periodically discuss with your teams how to improve these metrics.

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