Advanced Kanban Board

Teamhood offers flexibility and freedom to design any process you need

Mainstream Kanban Boards become messy fast because of columns-only structure

Did you know that you can 10x your planning and work maintenance by using two dimensional Kanban Board like Teamhood?


Full freedom to visualize and describe your work process with:


  • – Swimlanes
  • – Rows
  • – Columns
  • – Column groups
  • – Nested and expandable work items

Teamhood 2 project board with subtasks

Structure complex work data and make your process Lean with Kanban features

Teamhood is the least opinionated software which offers freedom of choice and freedom of change. Start with Kanban,  move to Scrum, finish with Scrumban.


  • – WIP limits
  • – Different classes of service
  • – Actionable Agile Metrics
  • – Story Points
  • – Sprints
  • – Backlogs
  • – Kanban at scale
  • – Agile at scale



Teamhood kanban board structure

Review Kanban board data in a timeline with task dependencies

Enjoy a complete project overview by reviewing all of your Kanban boards in timeline. Use this powerful tool to set task dependencies between Kanban cards in one or several projects. Switch between the Kanban board and timeline any time. Create cross-team workflows across multiple Kanban boards by sending Kanban tasks from one board to another.

Teamhood task dependencies between boards


Simple yet powerful Kanban cards

Focus on the data that matters – task estimates, work schedule, task assignments, tags and child tasks. Teamhood Kanban cards are focused on visualizing information and de-cluttering your task board – you only see what is important. Estimate in hours, points or money and utilize Kanban card colors to group work items.

Card creation cycle

Free trial

14 Business days

Color code and simplify your Kanban process on the go​

Set colors for Kanban Columns to document extra information and make the process visual. Separate different work type by color coding Kanban cards and use colored tags to map customers or group work. Control the Scrumban process by visualizing commitment and triage points.

Teamhood task board colors

Continuously improve by using actionable agile metrics dashboard

Review your Kanban board data to measure progress, accuracy and delivery speed. Combine this with WIP limits to ensure steady throughput. Data can be filtered or accumulated from all Kanban boards for a complete project overview. Kanban rows can be used as separate projects or project milestones. Actionable agile metrics in Kanban dashboard will make sure you can act to improve. 

Reports and Dashboards

Not just a Kanban Board – a full collaboration platform​

Write comments, attach files, receive notifications, split work into Kanban cards and use personal employee agenda for work overview. Reduce manual effort by creating Kanban card templates and Kanban board templates. Manage the process with set due dates, visualized overdue work.

teamhood my adenga

Electronic kanban board​ for a great value

Kanban approach works because of being simple and visual. ​

So is our pricing – simple, transparent & no hidden fees​.

teamhood price 1

14 Business days


Join the leaders

14 Business days


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