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Simple Kanban boards look nice at first but quickly become too messy to be effective

The column-only task boards are cluttered, hard to navigate, and provide difficulty when trying to track the progress of any larger project.

Kanban board Kanban board Kanban board

This is why we came up with an Advanced Kanban board that allows you to visualize the process using:

Columns / Statuses

Visualize your project steps as statuses and track work items as they move through them. You can minimize and expand any chosen status and track only what is important to you.

advanced kanban board advanced kanban board advanced kanban board

Child columns / Child statuses

Take better control of your child items. Add in child item columns to track their progress in separate secondary process steps. Use such child statuses to expand tracking of any complicated process step.

advanced kanban board advanced kanban board advanced kanban board

Swimlanes / Rows

Divide your project board with rows to separate products, teams, or projects. Collapse or expand any rows to see just what is important to you and minimize the time needed to look for the right item or to understand progress.

advanced kanban board rows advanced kanban board rows advanced kanban board rows

The advanced Kanban board comes with

  • Backlog management
  • Story point estimation
  • WIP limits
  • Kanban at scale
  • Powerfull work item cards
  • Actionable Agile metrics
  • Timeline with dependencies

Backlog management

It is up to you to deice what kind of backlog you want. Create it in your main Kanban board, o dedicate a separate board and only move the work items that are ready to be worked on.

Backlog agile software

Story point estimation

Choose how to estimate work items – story points, hours, or money. Estimate in a way that your team feels the most comfortable.

estimations agile

WIP limits

Define WIP limits for all or just a few of the statuses on your board and control the work item flow for your team.

scrumban software WIP limits

Kanban at scale

Use the advanced Kanban board structure to create Kanban at scale. The flexible interconnected boards will allow you to support even the most complicated processes.

make assignments transparent

Powerfull work item cards

Focus on the data that matters – task estimates, work schedule, task assignments, tags, and child tasks. Teamhood Kanban cards are focused on visualizing information and de-cluttering your task board – you only see what is important.

advanced kanban board

Actionable Agile metrics

Go beyond lead and cycle time. Use the actionable Agile metrics report to measure progress, accuracy, delivery speed, and get actionable insights on how to improve your process. Combine this with WIP limits to ensure a steady throughput. 

actionable agile metrics

Timeline with dependencies

Enjoy a complete project overview by reviewing all of your Kanban boards in a timeline. Use this powerful tool to set task dependencies between Kanban cards in one or several projects and take full control of your project.


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A collaboration platform​

With Teamhood you can write comments, attach files, receive notifications, split work into Kanban cards, and use personal employee agenda for work overview. ​Reduce manual effort by creating templates, manage processes with set due dates, time tracking, tags, and colors.

agile metrics report agile metrics agile metrics

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