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Kanban Templates

As a visual work management technique, Kanban has unlimited possibilities for structuring work items or processes. To facilitate that, we at Teamhood believe inspiration is the best way to go. This is why we want to present our Kanban board templates gallery. You will be able to find all these templates in Teamhood software as predesigned workspaces to kick-start your journey and reduce time and effort.

All the templates will use advanced Kanban features such as – ColumnsSwimlanes, cross-board workflows, column groups, and rows to meet even the most complicated scenarios. Kanban works magic here because it is so easy to map all types of business techniques and processes in a visual way.

Check out an interactive Kanban board example to get a feel of how the tasks move on the board.

The templates:

Kanban board templates for Engineering

kanban board template engineering

Use a Kanban board system to either separate the complicated process steps or separate planning and execution.

By separating process steps, you can visualize design and manufacturing tasks on different boards. thus giving both teams more autonomy and allowing them to track their process more accurately.

By separating planning and execution, you will be able to have greater control of your plans and when they are realized. Create long-term plans and specify urgent needs the team has to respond to. Move tasks between the boards when they are ready for the next phase.

Kanban board template for OKRs

kanban okr kanban template

Easily set and track the Objective Key Results in this Kanban template. Use rows to write out your objectives and columns to track the progress of achieving the key results. The task card themselves will serve as the key results – here you can enter additional information, create subtasks and even assign a team member that is responsible

Get started on you OKR Kanban board immediately – all you need to do is enter your objectives and key results to get started.

Kanban board template for Accounting and Financial Services

kanban board template accounting
Visual task board

Enjoy a weekly planning and execution Kanban board template tailored for financial accountants. Each row on this board represents a separate week, thus allowing you to plan tasks based on when they have to be done.

Assign tasks to your team members to know how much work each accountant has to do. And to monitor how much effort your clients require, tag tasks with customer names and track time spent on tasks. You will be able to see how much time was spent on each client and bill them accordingly.

Kanban board template for IT teams

Kanban board template for IT teams
kanban for service teams

Structure the most complex roadmaps with ease and make delivery more timely and controlled. Create separate boards for planning, execution, and issue tracking while seeing the overall workload for each employee and not burdening them with more tasks than can be handled. Read more about Kanban for software development.

Depending on your process, you can choose to monitor planning and execution in one Kanban board or create a system of boards. When using a system, you will be able to separate planning and execution, to have more clarity in both processes, and only include team members that need to be part of each step.

Kanban board template for Manufacturing

kanban board template for manufacturing

These Kanban board templates will help you process new requests and organize them by order size. Push orders to manufacture with ease and reduce time to delivery with these specifically designed boards. It is perfect for tailor-made manufacturing projects where more attention to detail is needed.

You can choose from two separate solutions – one for smaller manufacturing teams and one for larger ones. Smaller teams will enjoy having a process where everything is in one place. While larger teams can avoid the mess and take advantage of a Kanban template with several connected Kanban boards.

Kanban board templates for Marketing and Sales

Kanban template for marketing and sales

Take advantage of these Kanban board templates to track marketing campaigns as well as efforts planned for each week. This board uses rows to represent weeks and columns to specify the team’s process steps. Furthermore, if you define each row with a start and due date, this will be represented in the Timeline view, allowing you to plan tasks according to deadlines.

Kanban board template for Sales lets you track sales leads as they go through the sales funnel. Visualizing the sales process on Kanban boards will help make sure you always know what is happening with each client and what you should do next to make sure they are content.

Kanban template for Project Management

kanban template for project management

Not sure if you wish to choose an industry-specific board right away? Pick one of the project management Kanban board templates to plan, organize, and track multiple projects. You can easily delegate tasks, attach project files, define dependencies, and manage project timelines.

Working remotely? Choose the remote collaboration Kanban board template and always know what your team is working on, even when you are apart. The information in the Teamhood task board is always live, thus, you can collaborate efficiently and without any interruptions.

Looking for something straight forwards to track simple tasks? Opt for the task management template. You will get a regular Kanban board and can start monitoring your progress right away.

More Kanban board examples

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Here are some more Teamhood Kanban board examples for you to look through and a short video on how to get started on your own Kanban process.

Advanced Kanban board

Visualize Any process for Any team


kanban board tool

Kanban templates FAQ

  • Which Kanban template should I choose?

    It is best to choose a Kanban template that is designed for your process. However, if that is not available, simply choose something that is closest to your needs and then modify it to fit your process to the tee.

  • Can I create my own Kanban template?

    Yes. In fact, you should be encouraged to do so. Only you and your team know how you operate and as such are best equipped to create the perfect Kanban board for your needs. Start with something simple and then improve and add as your needs change.

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