10 Best Free Backlog Management Tools 2024

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Good backlog management is key to the success of your project or product. It allows for focused work, clear priorities, and fewer unknowns when it comes to teamwork. To succeed at this task, the product owner needs to have experience, implement good backlog management practices, and employ tools that will help with the process. Today, I am looking at the latter to see which backlog management tools will help you deliver the most value.

At the top here, you will see an overview of all backlog management tools discussed in the post. The comparison table allows you to overview the main features and attributes. Later, each tool is discussed in more detail. An important subcategory is agile backlog management tools for those who are employing Scrum or Kanban practices.

Best Backlog Management Tools Comparison

TeamhoodPivotal TrackerMondayAirfocusJIRAAsanaHansoftClickUpYodizBacklog
Brandteamhoodpivotal trackermonday iconairfocusjiraasanahansoftclickup iconyodizbacklog
Kanban View
List View
Kanban Swimlanes
RICE, ICE, or custom formulas
Custom Prioritization
Item Dependencies
Item Tags
Collaboration Features
Free versionUnlimitedUp to 5 usersUp to 2 usersNot availableUp to 10 usersUp to 15 usersTrialUnlimitedUp to 3 usersNot available

Criteria for the Best Backlog Management Tools

To select the best backlog management tools on the market, let’s go by a certain set of criteria. All of which are closely related to the backlog management process and the features it requires. Following is the feature list used for this comparison:

  • Several views to visualize data for different meetings/perspectives (Kanban, List)
  • Customization of those views to represent the process (statuses, rows/swimlanes)
  • Formulas to calculate RICE, ICE, or similar scoring
  • Item dependencies for item relation mapping
  • Item tags for categorization
  • Collaboration features
  • Integrations

These are the key features discussed in the post and used for comparing the following tools. While not all tools carry all of these features, all have the majority set required for backlog management.

How we evaluate backlog management tools

Teamhood’s editorial team writes all of our review posts. We spend a significant amount of hours researching and evaluating each tool, measuring it against the specific criteria we’ve established for its category. Importantly, our articles are never influenced by payment from any app or links to any site. We highly value our readers’ trust in us for providing genuine evaluations of tools and opinions we find on platforms such as Capterra, G2, or other industry-authority websites.

1. Teamhood

backlog list

Teamhood is an agile backlog management tool that tracks the Agile process from start to finish. Complete with a flexible and fully customizable Kanban board, Gantt chart, Workload management, and live reports, this is a powerhouse for any Agile team.

Using this tool, you can visualize and prioritize the backlog items in multiple views – Kanban, List, and Gantt. Allowing you to choose how to portray the information in different circumstances, such as different backlog meetings. Teamhood also allows you to add predefined and custom information to ensure enough context for each item. As well as the option to create custom prioritization techniques and calculate your RICE or other score.

Top backlog management features:

  • Interchangeable visualization options (Kanban, List, Gantt views)
  • Custom prioritization setup (priority columns, item categorization, custom item fields)
  • Formulas to calculate RICE, ICE, and other techniques
  • Item dependencies within one or several boards
  • Easy categorization via tags, Swimlanes, and custom fields
  • Various collaboration features

Price: Free plan available for unlimited users. Professional plans start at €9 per user/month.

Capterra score: 4.9/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Teamhood user reviews on G2

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2. Pivotal Tracker

free backlog management tools

Pivotal Tracker is a product backlog management tool designed specifically for software development teams. As such, it offers a more developer-oriented interface and features that allow for software product planning. Other teams may find this tool a bit too complicated as the interface is not beginner-friendly. Pivotal tracker offers quite a few backlog management features as well as an open API.

Top backlog management features:

  • Environment optimized for software development
  • Various integration opportunities
  • Collaboration features

Price: Free for up to 5 users, then $10 per user/month.

Capterra score: 4.3/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pivotal Tracker user reviews on G2

3. Monday

product backlog tools

Monday is a work management solution that offers backlog management as part of its feature set. Here you can review the initiatives and prioritize them with the help of custom fields, such as effort, impact, and user votes. While Monday is not a fully-featured project management platform, it will offer a visual way to prioritize and organize the backlog for smaller teams.

Top backlog management features:

  • Custom fields allow adding important information for the proposed items
  • RICE metric can be used (without automated calculation)
  • Integrations with other solutions

Price: Free for up to 2 users, then €8 per user/month.

Capterra score: 4.6/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Monday user reviews on G2

4. Airfocus

product backlog tools

Airfocus is a product backlog management software designed for product teams. Here, you can visualize tasks in Kanban and List views, as well as define dependencies and categorize them with tags. This tool offers a specialized priority chart that helps determine which tasks to take next. You will also be able to add customer insights for more context.

Top backlog management features:

  • Built-in priority chart for easier evaluation
  • Customer insights integration
  • Integrations with other PM solutions

Price: Starts at $19 per user/month.

Capterra score: 4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Airfocus user reviews on G2


free backlog management tools

JIRA is a work-tracking software for large IT organizations. While it is used by companies in other fields, the features found in this tool are optimized for IT projects. Here, you will be able to switch between several views for backlog management and task execution. There is also a way to implement RICE scoring by using visual custom fields. However, JIRA lacks when it comes to Kanban visualization and categorization of items on a Kanban board.

Top backlog management features:

  • Multiple views to use for backlog management
  • RICE scoring implementation
  • IT focused features
  • System calibrated for IT teams

Price: Free for up to 10 users, then $7.75 per user/month.

Capterra score: 4.4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

JIRA user reviews on G2

6. Asana

asana backlog

Asana is a work management platform that allows you to manage tasks and prioritize initiatives easily. Designed for creative teams and projects, this tool can also be applied to backlog management needs. Use the backlog management template to create a board that will hold all of your backlog items. You can prioritize and assign story points there before moving the items into the next Sprint.

Top backlog management features:

  • Option to switch between Kanban and List views depending on the context
  • Item dependencies to ease planning
  • Item tags to categorize
  • Story points to evaluate workload
  • Collaboration features for the team

Price: Free for up to 15 users, then €10.99 per user/month.

Capterra score: 4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Asana user reviews on G2

7. Hansoft

backlog management tools

Hansoft is an enterprise product backlog management tool for teams looking to improve their collaboration. This enterprise option allows teams to add a great level of detail as well as provides out-of-the-box reports and a tracking dashboard. While not particularly friendly for day-to-day work, Hansoft allows one to easily add and review the information within the tool itself. Which may be preferred by the stakeholders.

Top backlog management features:

  • Detailed List view
  • Visual reporting dashboard

Price: Free trial available.

Capterra score: 4.2/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hansoft user reviews on G2

8. ClickUp

free backlog management tools

ClickUp is a visual productivity platform that offers backlog management tools as part of its package. Here, you can visualize items in the list and Kanban views, as well as assign priorities and estimate complexity. CilckUp allows you to visualize RICE scoring through custom fields, but there is no automated calculation of the final RICE score.

Top backlog management features:

  • Visualization of tasks in multiple views
  • Rice calculation through custom fields
  • Collaboration features for the team

Price: Free version available.

Capterra score: 4.6/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

ClickUp user reviews on G2

9. Yodiz

agile backlog management tool

Yodiz is an Agile backlog management tool that aims to guide you through the process from planning to initiation. Here you will be able to visualize and prioritize items in a list type of view. Providing you with additional details on items as well as the priority score from 1 to 10.

Yodiz is best suited for technical users that want backlog management software for the Scrum process.

Top backlog management features:

  • Detailed List view for backlog prioritization
  • Kanban view with predefined swimlanes
  • Built-in prioritization feature

Price: Free for up to 3 users, then €5 per user/month.

Yodiz user reviews on G2

10. Backlog

backlog management software

Backlog is a collaboration tool that offers backlog management for its users. Contrary to other tools on this list, Backlog is not an Agile-focused tool. This means it offers limited Agile features and there are no advanced options to choose from.

Despite this limitation, Backlog offers plenty of features for effective backlog management, such as task prioritization, dependencies, and others.

Top backlog management features:

  • Item dependencies to visualize the relationships
  • Customizable prioritization
  • Collaboration features

Price: Starts at $30 per month.

Backlog user reviews on G2

Capterra score: 4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Continue learning about backlog management

Do you want to know more about the main challenges the “backlog leader” faces and main pain points? What is the arrow kanban method, and what solutions does it provide?

The Arrow Kanban board is detailed, featuring upstream and downstream processes, a commitment point, classes of service, an expedite lane, and metrics such as cycle time, lead time, and throughput.

Best agile backlog management tools

We also propose using Teamhood as an agile backlog management tool for Agile practitioners because it offers great Kanban structuring and can cope with larger sets of data. The tool also has a fundamental set of necessary features for proper methodical use, whether Scrum or Kanban. The most important emphasis is that Teamhood is both agile and Agile – fast, flexible, easy to use.

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Backlog management tools are ofter solutions fit for the overall project management process. To pick the one that is best suited for your team, make sure to have a clear list of priorities and think about what other actions you will want to perform with the chosen tool.

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