KanbanFlow vs Trello: Which One is Best For Your Needs (2024)

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Are you looking to pick your next task management solution? Let’s look at these three popular options and compare KanbanFlow vs Trello vs Teamhood side by side.

KanbanFlow vs Trello vs Teamhood: Overview

To begin the comparison, let’s first see how each tool presents itself.

KanbanFlow is a Kanban project management platform that allows users to collaborate in real-time.

Trello is a visual tool for teams to collaborate on projects in a flexible way.

Teamhood is a Kanban project management solution for high-performing teams.

Just from the taglines, the three options seem rather close to each other. So, let’s dig deeper and explore the features they offer. To make this comparison clearer, all features have been divided into categories – read through all or skip to the ones most interesting to your team.

KanbanFlow vs Trello vs Teamhood: Kanban

Since two of the tools on the list present themselves as Kanban solutions, let’s begin this comparison with Kanban features.

kanbanFlow vs trello

KanbanFlow board is a nice option for those looking to implement Kanban. It offers both – statuses and swimlanes, as well as WIP limits and lead & cycle time reports. Teams looking for a straightforward Kanban application will find this a nice option.

Trello is more limited in terms of what Kanban features you will be able to find. Here, you have a Kanban board with statuses and that is pretty much it. If your team needs a simple visualization of items, this will work fine. However, if you are looking for more of a Kanban solution, Trello may not be the best fit.

Teamhood offers the most flexible Kanban board out of the three. You can track the statuses of both – tasks and their child tasks by using statuses and sub-statuses. Kanban practitioners will also find swimlanes, WIP limits, commitment points, and actionable Agile metrics right out of the box. You will also find one unique feature – AI estimations. Which learn from your behavior and provide suggested estimations for new tasks.

Kanban Board
Kanban Swimlanes
WIP Limits
Commitment Points
Lead & Cycle Time
Actionable Agile Metrics
AI Estimations
Synced Cards

KanbanFlow vs Trello vs Teamhood: Task Management

Next up, let’s move on to something that most of us have to do every day – task management. Flexible and easy-to-use features in this category allow you to concentrate on what is important in your day.

teamhood version 1.34
trello vs kanbanflow

KanbanFlow offers a good set of task management features, which allow you to create tasks, and child tasks, assign them to team members and track their completion. Just like with the previous category, this tool lacks a few more advanced features but has a good selection overall.

Trello has a very similar set of features with the addition of Tags. however, it is worth mentioning that several task management features are not available out of the box but instead are offered as Power-Ups.

Teamhood provides its users with all the basic task management features as well as a few more interesting ones. One definitely worth mentioning is the Task watcher feature – it allows you to watch a task and get updates on the progress just like if you were assigned to complete it.

Child Tasks✅ (Power-Up)
Task Assignments
Task Watchers
Due Dates
Recurring Tasks✅ (Power-Up)
Task Templates
Timeline View
Workload View

KanbanFlow vs Trello vs Teamhood: Collaboration

From task management to working together with your team. Here are the collaboration features these 3 tools offer.

KanbanFlow will give you the ability to comment on tasks, add files to them, and review the team’s workload in an automatically generated view. With this tool, you will get just the basic features needed for effective collaboration as well as some Kanbanflow integrations.

Trello on the other hand lacks the workload view but provides an out-of-the-box calendar view and the ability to add guest users. More features are available through the Power-Ups, thus making Trello a more compelling option for collaboration purposes.

Teamhood is the most project-focused tool out of the three. Thus, next to the basic collaboration features, you will also find team roles, Workload view, and even custom work hour management per team member. Making it a great option for those who need to collaborate and manage the team. Lastly, each Teamhood board has its own dedicated mailbox. So you could create new tasks by sending emails to your task board.

Comments & Mentions
File Management
Team Roles
Guest Users
Timeline View
Workload View
Custom Work Hours
Send Email to Create Tasks

KanbanFlow vs Trello vs Teamhood: Project Management

Lastly, for those looking to manage the big picture stuff, let’s compare what features dedicated to projects each of the three tools has.

teamhood version 1.39

KanbanFlow offers the fewest options here with time tracking, custom dashboards, and project overview. Thus, it is safe to say, that this is more of a task management tool instead of a project management solution. You will still be able to do some stuff, but managing a large project will be complicated.

Trello is equipped with a few more out-of-the-box options, such as a timeline view, project templates, and automated reports. This may seem little at first, but for those willing to take the extra step of setting up the tool, there are more features available through Power-Ups. This way, you could add time tracking and Gantt charts to Trello.

Teamhood is a little different as it offers all of the project management features right out of the box. So, you can enjoy the Gantt chart with baselines, timeline view, time tracking, and automated reports as soon as you start using the tool. If you are looking to manage bigger teams or projects, this tool may be the best fit.

Gantt Chart✅ (Power-Up)
Project Baseline
Projects & Portfolio
Timeline View
Project Templates
Time Tracking✅ (Power-Up)
Budget & Cost Tracking
Custom Dashboards
Automated Reporting
Dependency Auto-Rescheduling

KanbanFlow vs Trello vs Teamhood: Pricing

Before we draw the final conclusion, let’s see how each tool is priced. I will provide the entry-level prices for each to see where you may be starting with each one. For more detailed pricing, visit the link for each tool.

Free version✅ Unlimited users
Business plans starting from$5 per user/month$5 per user/month$9 per user/month

KanbanFlow vs Trello vs Teamhood: Suitability for Business

So what is the final verdict for these 3 tools? Let’s sum up and define their suitability for the business.

KanbanFlow is a good option for Kanban teams that want to implement the practice and review their progress. For the KanbanFlow pricing you will get all the needed Kanban features and will be able to collaborate with your team. However, scaling this tool for small – medium business needs may prove to be a challenge.

Trello is a visual collaboration tool that will fit a team looking to track their day-to-day activity. It allows you to evolve a to-do list and collaborate with your team more effectively. Many of the more advanced features are available through third-party Power-Ups, meaning that managing a project will need adjustment of the tool first.

Teamhood is a great option for small and medium-sized businesses looking to visualize their projects on a comprehensive Kanban board. It has the most complete feature set out of the three meetings the needs of both – Kanban and project management.

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