Collaboration in Teamhood

Teamhood offers a variety of collaboration features to make sure your team communication and collaboration go on seamlessly. Here are the top features to start your efforts.

Assigning Items

collaboration assign tasks

Assigning items in Teamhood can be done in a few ways. You can click on the ‘Assign User’ icon in any of the views or open the work item details to manage assignments.

Take note, that you may need to enable the ‘Assignee’ field in List and Gantt views.

Watching Items

item watchers

You automatically get notifications of item progress if you have created the work item or have been assigned to complete it. However, there is one more way to keep tabs on the progress if you are neither of the previous.

Open the work item details and add yourself anyone else interested as a ‘Watcher’. This way, you will get all of the notifications related to that work item.

Commenting on Items

item details comments

To ease collaboration and communication, Teamhood offers a comment section in each work item detail window. Here, you can voice any concerns, ask for help, or simply discuss the progress that has been made.

The notifications of these comments will be delivered to the item creator, assignee, and watchers. If you want the opinion of the specific person, or notify someone that is not involved with the work item, you can use the ‘@’ symbol to tag anyone on the team.

Sharing Files

item details files

Since most of the project files relate to a particular item, Teamhood gives an option to ‘Attach file’ in the work item details. You can upload any type of file for easy access by the whole team.

Moreover, you will see a small preview of photo and video files displayed in the work item details automatically. And a bigger preview window if you press on the file itself.

To see all the files added to the workspace, open the ‘Files’ view.

Sharing Views

Shareable views 1 1024x642 1

Another handy collaboration feature you will find in Teamhood is the ability to share any of the workload views with people outside of your company.

Choose which view you want to share and open its quick menu by pressing on the dots that appear next to its name. Here you will see an option to share and by pressing on that Teamhood will generate a link for you to give anyone that needs it.

A small sharing icon will let you know which of the views are shared. And you can stop sharing at any time needed.

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