Teamhood Home page

What can you find in Teamhood home page?

Home page is the first default page you see when you log in or open Teamhood system. In this page you can find:

  • Your workspaces list – you can drag them to reorder for convenience
  • Your planned or unscheduled tasks – grouped by time frame or unscheduled list
  • Your reports – all multi-workspace reports where you have access
image 1

My Agenda

You will see all items from all workspaces that are assigned to you. All scheduled items will appear in scheduled groups of today, overdue and next 7 days. Or you can switch to “Unscheduled” mode and see all items assigned to you. From my agenda you can (based on your user access role):

  • Complete items
  • Reschedule items
  • Track time on items
  • Change estimation of items
  • Delete items


All reports where you are owner or have access permissions will appear in this list. If you have many reports, click “Show full list”.

My Workspaces

All workspaces where you have access will appear here. You can drag and drop to reorder them for your convenience. You can also create new workspaces from this view.

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