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To facilitate work Teamhood allows you to import and export data from your workspaces. You can choose to do so in specific boards or board rows.

Import & Export Boards

Through Workspace settings

To begin task import or export, first select the desired workspace Then, navigate to the settings menu and select the task board. Here, in the ‘General’ section, you will find Import/Export tab.

Through quick menu

You can also start the Import/Export process through a quick menu found next to the task board name. Simply click on the three dots and then navigate to the required option.


Import & Export Rows

If you want to import or export items from a specific row, you will need the quick menu next to that row’s name. Press on the three dots and find the needed option in the pop-out menu.

Quick menu import

Import Items

Teamhood allows you to import items in two formats – Excel (.csv) and MS Project (.xml).

To initiate the import, choose the option you like and add the file from your device. Then, match the fields on your file to the ones on your task board and press ‘Import’ when you are done. All of the items will be added and you can continue working.

Import fiels Teamhood

Keep item structure when importing

You may want to keep the structure with the import for those working with parent and child items in your Excel file.

To do that, you will need to create 2 additional fields in your file – Item ID and Parent ID.

Then you should assign all of your items an Item ID and later use it to indicate which child items belong to which parent item. Simply put the Item ID of the parent item into the Parent ID column for the child items.

Then, during the import match the Item ID with the Id field and the Parent ID with the Parent field.

Using this approach, you can ensure the imported items keep the same parent/child structure as in your Excel file.

parent child import

Export Items

Teamhood allows you to Export items in two formats – Excel (.csv) and PDF (.pdf).

To initiate the export, choose your preferred format. The Excel option will download right away and the PDF option will give you an additional option of what you want to see.

With PDF you can choose to export either Gantt or List view. Moreover, you will be able to filter the data and chose more specifically what to include in the export. The filters include:

  • Users
  • Task creators
  • Tags
  • Empty rows
  • Completed items
  • Child items
  • Sum child values
Export fields Teamhood

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