Productivity Tips & Features

In this article, we provide a set of essential productivity features to save your time every day while using Teamhood.

  1. Repeating items – setup a repeating schedule for new items.
  2. Multi-select panel – perform same action on multiple items at the same time.
  3. Board mailbox – send emails to a Board mailbox and see them convert into items.
  4. Item templates – standardize your work by reusing prefilled work data.
  5. Automations with Zapier – connect Teamhood and your business tools for automated workflows.

Read more details about each feature below or watch this video to learn more.

1. Repeating items

This is feature is ideal when you need to repeat the same work on a recurring basis. For example – weekly metrics report.

  1. Create an item
  2. Fill in all the necessary work data
  3. Set the start/due date
  4. Make it repeating
repeat recurring items

When creating repeating items you have also two additional options for how they should behave:

  1. Always create new item when repeating – this ensures that everytime there is a new item created with same work data. This is useful when you need to assign item to different people every time or some small details change. Also, that can help with structuring report data.
  2. Repeat only when completed – do not repeat item until it is completed. This is useful when you want to prevent

You can combine both settings for the optimal effect.

2. Multi-select panel

Save time on repetitive tasks. Need to assign the same person to more than one item? Want to change the color of multiple items? You should use Teamhood multi-action bar. In List, Kanban, or Gantt views tick the selection box and a multi-action bar will appear for your convenience.

multi select

3. Board mailbox

If your team receives work requests via email, or if there is some urgent task that was emailed to you – no need to copy data manually, just forward that email to your Teamhood board mailbox. The subject line, body text, and attachments will be converted to an item. You can also email tasks to someone and cc the Teamhood Board mailbox. If a person’s email matches the Teamhood user email, that person will be auto-assigned to the item in Teamhood.

image 6

4. Item templates

Stop repeating the same data entry with new items and fix that by creating standardized item templates. Child items, descriptions, assignments, tags, and colors can be reused every time you need a new task. Create a template by defining an exemplary item and then saving it as an item template. Once you’ve done that, you will have the ability to create a new item from the specific template as shown below.

item templates

Read more about templates.

5. Automations with Zapier

If you are using other popular SaaS (Software as a Service) tools, you will most likely find them available on the Zapier platform. This enables automation scenarios between those tools and Teamhood. Examples of such scenarios:

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