Storage Management

This article explains how to manage your storage in Teamhood. Useful if you need more space or want to keep your workspace clean of old files.

Checking Storage Capacity

All Teamhood pricing plans come with specific storage limitations. You can check which limit applies to you by opening your Teamhood workspace and navigating to the ‘Subscription’ settings or by checking our pricing page.

If you want to check the size of your attachments, this information is available in the ‘Files’ view. Use the available filtering options to narrow the list down to the specific board, user, or tag.

file size

Deleting Files in Item Details

If you need to delete 1 or 2 files, this can easily be done by opening the item details. Open the item details, find the file you want to delete, and select ‘Delete in the quick action menu.

delete files item details

Deleting Multiple Files

If you need to delete more files, you can do that by opening the ‘Files’ view. Here, you can see all the files attached to your items and select which ones should be deleted. Use the filtering options at the top of the view to quickly find just the attachments you need.

Useful tip: Use specific tags or a separate board to easily identify items with files that can be deleted.

delete multiple files

Deleting Items

One more option to delete files from Teamhood is to delete the items which hold these files. Once an item is deleted, all files that have been added to this item are also deleted.

Keep in mind, that this is not true for archived items. If an item is archived, its attachments are not deleted from Teamhood.

delete items
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