Subscription Management

Teamhood offers several subscription plans that cater to different team sizes and project management needs. You can easily manage or adjust your subscription plan at any time. Here is how to do it.

Subscription information

To review your current subscription details, open the Workspace settings and navigate to the ‘Subscription’ tab. You can do this by clicking on your avatar icon in the top right corner and then selecting ‘Subscription’.

Note that the subscription information is only visible to the users with the Admin role. You can learn more about different roles and their access rights here.

subscription management

Managing licenses

In the ‘Subscription’ tab you can quickly check the number of licenses that you currently have and the number of those that are already in use. If you wish to add more licenses, click ‘Buy Licenses’ to add on more to your current subscription plan.

To reduce the number of licenses in your account, contact your account manager.

subscription licenses

Adjusting the subscription plan

If you wish to adjust your current subscription plan or convert your account to a free one, select the correct subscription plan. (See above sections for how to locate the ‘Subscriptions’tab)

  • Free plan – for a free account
  • Professional, Premium, or Ultimate plans – for paid accounts
  • Enterprise – for a quote on the enterprise solution

You can adjust your subscription plan at any time you like. If you choose to downgrade, the changes will be applied at the end of the current pay cycle (monthly, yearly). If you choose to upgrade, the changes will be applicable immediately after payment.

subscription management

Guest user management

If you want to manage or add new guest users, navigate to the ‘Licenses’ tab. Learn more about guest user management.

If you have any further questions on subscription management, let us know.

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