To ease process standardization and work pace, Teamhood allows users to create several types of templates. Here is how to create workspace and work item templates for your team.

Board Templates

The main building block to standardize and reuse while working on Projects in Teamhood is Board. As boards can be made quite detailed with many items, we offer the easiest way of keeping one or more boards as examples and then once in need, just cloning them and renaming them to new projects. This will get you the most power. See below for a preview of how to do that.

creating templates

Workspace Templates

Workspace templates allow you to standardize and replicate your process easily. To do so for one of your workspaces, open the ‘Workspace settings’ and choose ‘Save as a Template’. After doing this, you will be able to choose your saved template when creating a new workspace.

Use this to recreate the process for similar projects or scale the process to other teams.

workspace template

Item Templates

To help you work quicker and more efficiently, Teamhood offers to create work item templates. By doing so, you will be able to pick from the predefined templates when creating any new items.

item templates

To create a new template, you will first need to create the template work item. Once you’ve added everything you wanted, open the work item details and choose to ‘Save as Template’. Define the template name and you are all set.

You can use the work item templates when creating both – parent and child-level work items.


If you want to change the template name or delete any of the templates, open the Workspace settings and then choose ‘Item templates’.

An alternative option for item templates

You can keep exemplary items in the row which is called “Templates” and once in need simply clone them. This allows an easier way to maintain templates if they tend to change often.

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