Work Data Structuring

Teamhood is combined out of 3 specific hierarchy blocks that allow you to represent your process.

Workspace – Board – Row

here is how you can utilize each of them to be most useful.


Workspace is an ideal element to group people working together, this way you can control who has access and roles in the workspace.

In most cases, you should choose workspace based on function (i.e. sales, marketing, engineering, etc.), projects portfolio, or simply whole organization (projects, admin tasks, etc.). Below you can see a sample of Teamhood workspaces:

structuring your data


Boards are key structural elements for the workspace. Boards are ideal for grouping work items. You can then use boards to filter other views in Teamhood.

Here is an example of board structure in a single workspace. It allows to structure and separate items into clear categories.

Teamhood boards structuring your data

Each board can be used to represent different projects, clients, groups of people or process steps. Examples:

Marketing workspace:

  • Campaigns Board
  • SEO Board
  • Brand identity Board
  • Content Board

Wooden House Manufacturing workspace:

  • RFQ Board
  • Analysis and Design Board
  • Manufacturing Board
  • Shipping and Assembly Board

Northwind Projects workspace:

  • Solar Project Board
  • Sea energy Project Board
  • Wind park Project Board
  • New age solar R&D Project Board
  • Digitalization 2050 Project Board

IT Product Development workspace:

  • Roadmap Board
  • Backlog Board
  • Sprints Board
  • Retrospectives Board

Digital Agency Customers workspace:

  • Northwind Inc. Customer Board
  • Goldilocks Inc. Customer Board
  • Teamhood Ltd. Customer Board
  • JK Smith & Pearsons Customer Board


To easily manage information in your workspace, you can use Folders to group Boards and Pages. To do so, click to add a new element to your workspace and select ‘Folder’. Then you can create new Boards and Pages within that folder or drag and add the existing ones.

teamhood folders


You can use rows to group different: teams, resources, project stages, work packages, classes of services, priorities, months, weeks, years, etc.

To put it simply, Rows are a further grouping of the items on a specific board. Rows can come in handy when filtering data in other views.

structuring your data

Workspace Views

Lastly, each workspace can have specific views to gain a different perspective on your work data. You can add views by pressing “+” sign near the workspace title.

Workspace views are ideal when you need to view data from multiple boards. This is great for reporting or managerial overview.


Pages are ideal for knowledge management in Teamhood. Use them to create a wiki-style knowledge base for your team or add child pages to your boards to keep crucial information close at hand.

pages child board

Structuring Projects

With these essential blocks, it is easy to build your custom projects. Here are some project structure examples.

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