Board Layers

In Teamhood, you can enable various board layers that will help you understand the data better. Learn more about what you will find in each.

Item age

board layers

One of the simpler layers. It uses item age property to draw a heatmap where hot items are the oldest and cold items are the newest. You can use this quick color coding to identify if “fresh” ideas are getting prioritized among the more mature ones.

When will it be done?


This is our stab at the ultimate project management question. Teamhood uses three Kanban metrics – cycle time, age in progress, and throughput, in order to provide probabilistic forecasting on item delivery dates. Read more about flow metrics here.

Estimated vs. tracked time

board layer estimation vs tracked time

If you are planning and tracking actual time, this one is for your convenience. Quickly identify items that are in the red zone (taking more effort than planned) or still in the cool zone (taking less effort than planned). Mainly an analytics tool for faster irregularity detection.

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