Teamhood Customer Stories

Learn how our customers use Teamhood to reach their goals and optimize processes.

WISE Ltd. Saves Time and Budget

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The WISE engineering team uses Teamhood Kanban project boards daily and has different boards set up for each active project that they are working on. For them, the ability to customize Kanban board layouts is essential. That way the team can separate the types of work items (e.g. defects, development, testing).

Dizaja improves efficiency metrics


Even as a market leader and pioneer, Dizaja does not give in to inertia and is constantly looking for ways to improve quality and efficiency. One of the most critical performance metrics in this company is reducing the number of corrections. For engineering project companies, the correction rate is one of the most important metrics to assess efficiency.

QBell – doorbell is cool again


When a team is under time pressure nothing is more important than taking full control of the plan. On the other hand, startups diving into unexplored areas must be agile and adapt to any changes or new findings quickly. Aqua Zumaraite, Head of marketing at QBell knew, that to be both agile and in control of the great plan, you must have a proper project management tool.

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