Working with Guests in Teamhood

Guest user is a limited license which should be used for short term collaborators who might use Teamhood system not at full potential.

Guests can be a way to invite external parties and collaborate in a single tool. This will help concentrate essential information in one place. Each Teamhood subscription plan receives a limited amount of Guest licenses to use.

What are the limitations for Guests?

Guest licenses can have only two types of roles in workspaces instead of full list of 4. Reader and Limited collaborator.

You can read more on roles and access rights here. If you need Full collaborators or workspace admins – they should be assigned a full user license. Also, there is a limited amount of guest licenses assigned to every Teamhood subscription. Read further to see limits based on the plan.

Common uses cases for Guests

Working with a customer in same workspace – invite your customer into dedicated workspace or a private board where customer as a reader will be able to see work progress.

Working with subcontractors – invite 3rd parties into your project as limited collaborators and assign items to them – they will be able to respond comments and update work progress themselves ensuring all project data is up to date and in one system

Fake users/Machinery/Resources – invite fake guests by typing unexisting email address and naming them to represent other resources than humans. For example: Heavy Lifter, Production Line, Analysis Machine and etc. This way you will be able to track workload on those resources and leverage same functionality as you would do for regular team members in Teamhood.

How many Guests can I invite?

Based on your subscription plan you can invite:

How can I invite Guests?

You need to be admin of workspace where you will invite guests. If you have necessary role, then you simply click “Invite Team” and fill in the data of that user. Enure you choose “Guest” instead of “User” and that you have Guest licenses remaining. More about inviting users to Teamhood here.

How can I remove Guests?

Guests can be removed from workspace simply by workspace admin. If you want to completely remove guest from companies account and free up guest license, you then need account owner access or ask your account owner to do that for you. Account owner must deactivate or completely delete guest from your companies account via Users and Licensing panel.

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