Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Import and synchronize your Outlook calendar into Teamhood. Get a better overview of your daily schedule alongside project work and tasks.

Azure DevOps

Leverage Teamhood’s advanced, yet easy-to-use, user interface on top of Azure DevOps work item store as a database. Full two-way sync.

Microsoft Teams

Connect Teamhood with Microsoft Teams and receive notifications or add items right from the chat window.


Connect Teamhood with Slack to receive notifications in the chat window.

Zapier Automations

Integrate with 3500+ Popular Business Tools via Zapier. Save time on manual data entry between the systems.

Open API

Build your own Teamhood integration via well-documented Open API. 

Single Sign On (SSO)

Use your company account to sign in to Teamhood. Keep your authentication data simple and secure.

System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)

Integrate Teamhood with your identity management system to automate Teamhood user management.

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