Microsoft Teams Integration

The Teamhood team is proud to present our integration with Microsoft Teams. Form now on, you can quickly review and create new items right from Microsoft Teams without having to leave the app. Enjoy a more seamless work process and minimize app switching for more convenience.

Add Teamhood to Microsoft Teams

1. Find Teamhood App in Microsoft Teams Apps marketplace and Install it


2. Find your Teamhood account name which is visible in your browser when you open Teamhood software.

image 1

3. Open Teamhood Bot chat in Microsoft Teams and typein your account name (see example below)

teams login

3. If you have typed the correct account name, you should see another message suggesting to login. Go on and login to your Teamhood account via MS Teams

image 5

4. If you see the below message after login, you are all set 🎖️

image 3

Why Microsoft Teams?

With most businesses working remotely, asynchronous communication tools like Microsoft Teams have become important to keep the information flowing and everyone in the team on the same page. Thus, we at Teamhood felt it was important to give our customers a way of using Teamhood in this environment as well.

Teamhood and Microsoft Teams integration is aimed at making your communication clearer and faster. By adding Teamhood to your Teams app, you will be able to quickly review any task information and to add new tasks to your workspace without leaving the app. There is no more need for switching between the two, allowing you and your team to work more effectivelly.

teamhood integrations

Curious to know more? Well first of all you have to make sure to have active accounts for both products. Sidenote – Teamhood trial users can use the Microsoft Teams integration without any limitations.

Creating Items from Microsoft Teams

To create a new work item from Microsoft Teams, navigate to the Teamhood app you have logged into and chat the Teamhood bot with “Add item”. A prompt will appear asking you to enter the task name, description, due date, workspace and task board. You can also choose to assign the task to yourself, making the process quick and easy.

Once the task is created, you will see a prewiew in the Microsoft Teams chat.

Teamhood task dependencies

Preview Item Details in Microsoft Teams

Copy Teamhood work item link and paste it into Microsoft Teams chats to quickly preview work item details and make sure everyone is on the same page. You will see the work item number, name, assignee, due date, and location on the workspace. When pasting the link, you can choose to see the full preview, or minimize it and only show the task name, due date, and assignee.

in progress status

Enjoy Teamhood with Microsoft Teams

Take advantage of the Teamhood and Microsoft Teams integration to create a better work process and minimize switching between apps when talking with your colleagues. Not a client of Teamhood yet? Sign up right now for free and experience the ease of visual project management!

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