Zapier Integration

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Expand the capabilities of Teamhood with Zapier. Instantly connect to thousands of apps and automate the most common actions.

Setting Up

To add Zapier integration to Teamhood, open the Workspace settings and navigate to the Integrations tab. Here, you will be able to choose Zapier as one of the integration options and follow the link to create your first Zaps. Before you go through, copy the ApiKey needed for the integration.

Note, that the ApiKey is only available to the Account Owner.

Screenshot 2022 03 31 at 17.14.01

Once in Zapier, add Teamhood to your apps by entering the Workspace name and the ApiKey. After that, you will be able to start creating Zaps that connect Teamhood to countless other apps.

Screenshot 2022 03 31 at 17.06.46

Available Triggers & Actions

For now, Teamhood offers the following Trigger events to choose from:

  • Create Item – Triggers when a new item is created
  • Item Moved – Triggers when item is moved to another location
  • Create Item – Creates an item
  • Complete Item – Completes an item

Here are some examples of how you can use Teamhood workflows.

Screenshot 2022 03 31 at 17.11.50
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