Pages is the best place in Teamhood to share information like documents, policies and more. Here is how to create one, what can be added and some examples for application.

Creating a Page

Creating a new Page is simple – Open the side menu, Pick the location and Create the page.

There are 2 places you can create a new page in:

The Pages section

create page

As a child page to one of your task boards

create child page

Either way, you can change the location of you page later by using the drag & drop feature.

Customizing Pages

To make the pages easily recognizable you can specify each with:

  1. Name
  2. Color
  3. Cover image
customize page

The name and color set for each page and child page will be visible in the side menu as well.

Adding content

The page in Temahood can hold this type of content:

  1. Multiple level headings
  2. Text blocks
  3. Lists
  4. Images
  5. Tables

To add a new content block, simply click on the ‘+’ sign and pick the block you wish to add.

pages content

Rearranging Pages

Once you have created multiple Pages, you may wish to change the order in which they appear. To do so, use drag and drop to place them in the right location or asa child page to a task board or another page.

If a page contains child pages, you will see a number next to that pages name.

rearange pages


here are some examples for what documents you may create via Teamhood Pages.

Project Documentation

teamhood version 1.43

Pages is great for keeping all of your project documents right where you need them most. Copy and keep important plans, goals, estimations, lists of suppliers, and more. When your team is in doubt or in need, everything they are looking for will be immediately available to them.

Project Risks Register

resources pages 1

Another use for the Pages could be found with the projects risks register. Use the flexible new view, to register what risks the project may be facing and what steps the team should take in case they realize. This way giving the project team a clear path of action in case of a change in the situation.

Sharing Technical Specification

teamhood version 1.43

For those working with external parties, Pages is a great way to share technical specifications. You can put the information in Pages and share it with the external parties via a link.

Company Policies

teamhood version 1.43

Another idea to use Pages is to store your company policies. Make them available on the Pages so that everyone on the team can have easy access at any time.

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