Archive Items in Teamhood

In Teamhood, you can choose to create, delete, and archive your items. The last option is the one discussed in this post. Archiving items is most commonly used for completed items that you want to remove from your board, but are still in need of the information within them. By archiving such items, you can free up the workspace and still keep the information that is needed.


To open the Archive, click on your workspace name and find the ‘Archive’ option at the bottom. Here you can see the:

  • Item ID
  • Title
  • Type
  • Archived date
  • Option to restore

You can filter the Archive view by type or date and search the Archive by typing in the item title.

Let’s discuss the various ways you can choose which items to archive.

Archive a single item

The first, and probably the most intuitive way is to archive a single item. For this, you need to open the quick action menu either from your board view or from the item details. Here, you simply choose the option to ‘Archive’. Your item will be immediately moved.

archive single item

Archive multiple items

If you wish to select multiple items to archive, use the multi-select tool. First, pick the items you wish to archive, and then press the ‘Archive’ option at the top of your screen.

archiving multiple items

Archive row, status, or board

Lastly, you can choose to archive an entire row, status, or board. In the case of rows and statuses, only the items will be archived. If you choose to archive an entire board, that board will be deleted as well.

To do so, open the quick menu next to the row/status/board name and press archive. Then follow the prompts to archive your items.

archive rows boards

If you have questions or the above guide is not enough take a look at our project examples or contact us!

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