Child Item Management

Child items are used in Teamhood to break down larger items into smaller, actionable tasks for the team. Teamhood supports unlimited levels of subtasks, which can be visualized in Gantt, List, and Kanban (2 levels) views.

Here is more on child item management.

Creating Child Items

To create child items, locate the child item icon.

In Kanban view, this icon appears when you hover over an item card. In List and Gantt views, the icon appears when you hover over the item’s name.

add child item

You can also add child items by opening the item details and clicking on ‘Add Child Item’ in the Item Relations section.

add child item

Child Item Levels

Teamhood allows you to create as many child item levels, as you need. There is no limit. To see all levels, open the List or Gantt views and expand the chosen item. Kanban view visualizes only the first 2 levels.

child item levels

To create further child items, use the same steps described in the above section.

Child Item Properties

Child items in Teamhood have the same properties as parent items. You can assign team members, add watchers, leave descriptions, comments, attachments, etc.

You can read more about Item properties here.

child item details view

Moreover, child item schedule information can be used to aggregate information for the parent item. For example, if you set schedules for the child items, but there is no schedule set for the parent item, the schedule for the parent item will be set automatically according to the child item schedule.

Here are all the child item field types that aggregate for the parent item:

  • Schedule
  • Estimation
  • Budget
  • Progress field
  • Custom fields with numeric values

You can later edit the parent item schedule per your needs.

Converting Child Item to Parent Item

Teamhood allows you to convert child items into parent items. To do so, open the child item details and click on ‘Convert to Parent’ in the quick action menu.

The converted child item will be placed in the same location as the parent item.

convert child to parent item details

You can also convert child items to parent items by using drag & drop. Simply drag and drop the selected child item next to the parent item.

convert to parent drag
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