Formula – custom field

You can create formula type custom field on the workspace level. The Formula field allows users to combine values from existing default and custom fields and perform mathematical operations on them.

⚠️ Formula is available only with paid plans. Only workspace administrators can create custom fields.

Creating formula

Go to custom field settings and add a new field. Then choose type formula.

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Then, click to edit formula.

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Express Webinar on Formula custom field usage

Formula examples

Here we provide ideas / examples on how to use formula field type. You can copy the text and paste it into your formula settings.

⚠️ some formulas require other custom fields to be created prior.

Estimated hours vs tracked time ratio

{estimation} / {totalLoggedTime}

Estimated hours vs tracked time net

{estimation} - {totalLoggedTime}

Calculate project task cost including custom rate and increase it by 10% margin (requires other custom fields)

{totalLoggedTime} * {Rate} * 1.1

Calculate product backlog item RICE score (requires other custom fields)

{relevance} * {impact} * {confidence} / {effort}

Progress by estimation

{estimation} * {progress} / 100

Total hours based on duration

{duration} * 8

Profitability based on loggedtime and external/internal rates (requires other custom fields)

{estimation} * {billable rate} – {totalLoggedTime} * {internal rate}

Supported math functions

Rounding round(number) or round(number, x) where x – decimal places.

round({totalLoggedTime}/{budget}*100) & “%”

Ceiling ceil(number).

Flooring floor(number).

Choosing the largest number from arraymax(number1, number2, …)

Choosing the smallest number from arraymin(number1, number2, …)

Logical comparison “if” statementif(condition, if true, if false)

Uppercase stringuppercase(“string”)

Lowercase stringlowercase(“string”)

Concatenateconcatenate(“string”, “another”, “string”)

Full default and custom fields list

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