Item data fields

Items are first-class citizens in Teamhood so it is essential to know what properties they have and how to use them. This is an optimized list to cover all available fields.

Default fields

These are the default fields available for each item in Teamhood:

  1. Item ID – a unique reference code for each item. It is composed of a workspace short name and incremental number which starts at 1.
  2. Title – item title describing the main idea of the work
  3. Description – rich text to provide detailed work specifications.
  4. Schedule – a combination of start and due dates. Can be used as a single date just for a deadline or a full date range for longer-duration items.
  5. Estimate – numeric field which can be configured to be either hours or points. Can be used for work effort estimation or work quantity definition.
  6. Budget – currency field, can be configured to have specific currency suffix/prefix.
  7. Tracked Time – time amount field which sums the total tracked time for a given item.
  8. Completion – flag which tells if the item is completed or not.
  9. Completion % – fractional number to tell how much of the item is completed. Can be set from 0 to 1 symbolizing 0% and 100%.
  10. Suspension – flag which tells if the item is suspended.
  11. Suspension reason – a field that can be set when suspending to provide a short explanation/reason.
  12. Milestone status – a flag that tells if this item is used as a milestone (1-day duration visual cue for project planning).
  13. Completed on – if the item is completed it will have the most recent completion timestamp in UTC. Read-only field.
  14. Create date – item creation timestamp in UTC. Read-only field.
  15. Duration – numeric field which shows item duration in days if the schedule is set. Read-only field.
  16. Item age – a field that substracts item creation date from the current date. Read-only field.
  17. Creator – contains the full name of a user who has created this item. Read-only field.

Custom field types


You can add the following custom field types in Teamhood:

  1. Text – for short-form text
  2. Number – for numeric values
  3. Formula – calculate arthmetic operations (Professional subscription or higher)
  4. URL – for clickable links
  5. Email – for a clickable email address
  6. Single select – for preset options and single choice
  7. Multi select – for preset options and multiple choice (Premium subscription or higher)
  8. Assignee – for choosing from available workspace members (Professional subscription or higher)
  9. Date – for single date input (Professional subscription or higher)
  10. Checkbox – for boolean value yes/no
  11. Checkbox (timestamped) – for capturing date when the checkbox was clicked. (Premium only)
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