Item Relations

Teamhood allows you to set and track dependencies between items in the same workspace. This means that you can set dependencies between items held in the same or different boards. Here is how to do this.

Set Dependencies

There are 2 ways to set dependencies in Teamhood – by connecting dependent items with arrows or in work item details.

  1. To connect the dependent items with arrows you will need to open one of these views – Gantt, Workload or Timeline. Here, you can simply connect the items to mark their dependencies.
  2. Otherwise, to set item dependencies, you will need to open the item details. Here, in the section ‘Item relations’ you will see two sections – ‘Waiting on’ and ‘Blocking’.

Add items that must be finished before the current item can start to the Waiting on section. These items will be shown with a yellow exclamation point.

Add items that are waiting for this item to be finished to the Blocking section. These items will be shown with a red block sign.

Once a dependent item is complete, the symbol next to it will turn into a green checkmark.

item relations

That is it, your dependencies are all set. Now, you can see them in Gantt, Kanban, and List views, as well as several Workspace views.

teamhood task dependencies

Manage Dependencies in Different Boards

As mentioned, Teamhood allows you to set item dependencies between different boards in the same workspace. The most convenient way to do that is by using the Timeline or Workload views.

Here you can conveniently see items from all boards categorized by the boards or by the assignees. To make dependency management even more convenient, you can filter out unnecessary information and minimize the boards which you do not want to see. Thus leaving only the important information in your view.

timeline view dependencies

Auto Schedule Dependencies

For those using item dependencies, we recommend turning on the feature to ‘Auto-schedule dependant items’. Once this feature is turned on, and you change the schedule of an item with dependencies, the schedule of those dependent items is automatically adjusted. So, if one item is running late, your project plan and duration adjusts automatically.

This feature can be found in Workspace settings.

task dependencies
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