Sharing Data

Teamhood allows you to share all of the data with anyone in or outside your organization.

Sharing Views Within the Team

There are 2 options to share boards, pages, and views – with your team members and with people outside of the organization.

To share with people on your team, you can simply copy the URL of the board or view. The workspace team members will be able to see all of the data without any issue.

Note – This works for the team members that have been added to the workspace. If a person has not yet been added, you can do so by opening Settings -> Workspace -> Team.

Sharing Views Outside the Team

To share with people outside of your team or organization, you will need to copy a special URL of the view.

To access this link, open the quick menu of the view and select ‘Share’. You will be provided a special link that can be given to anyone in or outside the organization to open the specific view.

sharing views

Once you share a view, you will see a sharing icon next to its name. This allows you to track which of the views have been shared and manage the information accordingly.

sharing icon

You can stop sharing at any time by accessing the quick menu once again and selecting ‘Stop sharing’.

stop sharing

When sharing one of your workspace boards, you will be able to choose which view to share – List, Gantt, or Kanban. Separate links will be needed for each of the 3 options.

list gantt kanban

Making Boards Private

If you want to limit who in your workspace can access a specific board, you can choose to make it private.

By activating this option, you will be able to choose who from your team can view the private board. To do so, you will need to open the board settings.

Hover over the board name and open the action menu, from here click Settings -> Workspace -> Boards -> General -> Private.

You will be added to the board automatically and you can click on your name icon to add more users.

Private board

Sharing Items Within your Team

In Teamhood, you can also copy a link to a single item on your workspace.

Copy the link to quickly reference a specific item. You can do so from the quick menu on the item or by opening item details and selecting ‘Copy Link’.

This only works between the team members added to the workspace.

Sending Items as Email

You can also share items by sending them as an email. This way, allows you to share the information outside of your organization or team.

To do so, you will need to open item details and select ‘Send as Email’ in the quick action menu.

send as email

The automatically generated email will include:

  1. Item name
  2. Description
  3. Schedule
  4. Tags
  5. Workspace and Board names.
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