Time Tracking

Teamhood is equipped with an advanced time tracking feature that allows you to track and analyze time spent working on project tasks. Use this information to improve future estimations, calculate work expenditure, and set budgets for your projects.

Time Tracking

To start tracking time in Teamhood, you must first open the task details for the chosen work item. Here, at the very top of the card, you will see ‘Tracker’. This is your tool to track time live or to log time entries after the fact.

To start tracking live, simply press the ‘play’ button and the tracking will begin immediately. You can now close the task details, as the live time tracker will be visible at the bottom right corner of your board. As long as the tracking is going, you will see the task name, tracked time, and the stop button in every Teamhood view.

time tracking item details

You can stop tracking time in this pop-up or in the task details. Also, if you start tracking the time of another item, the tracking on the first item will automatically stop. The tracked time will be added to the time logs.

To enter or edit the tracked time manually, open the task details and press on tracked time. Here, you can choose to quickly add one of the presets or enter the tracked time manually for a specific date.

time tracking in background

Time Sheet Report

To check the tracked time of individual items, simply open the task details. To see the tracked time for the entire project, team, or a specific team member, open the Time Sheet report. Here, you can see all of the tracked time data in one place.

The Time Sheet report will show you the estimated time for each task, the time that was actually spent on it, and the difference between the two. Which will allow you to better understand whether the planning and estimations were accurate.

time tracking teamhood

Hourly Rate

Moreover, you can add an hourly rate for each of your team members. By doing so, you will also be able to see the cost of each work item. This is calculated by multiplying the hourly rate of the team members and the time they spent on tasks. Use this data to build custom Dashboards that report on team progress.

Here is a short video explaining how time tracking looks in Teamhood.

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