Guest Users

When to use guest users in Teamhood?

Guest users are ideal when you want to collaborate with someone who is either outside your organization or will be using Teamhood temporarily.

Some examples of Guest users:

  • External consultant
  • Freelancer
  • Customer side representative
  • Sub-contractor

Guest users come as a free license option with each plan.

How to invite guests?

When inviting a new user, select the “Guest” option. Guest users must be invited directly into the already existing workspace.


What are guest user limitations?

Guest users can be assigned only two out of 4 possible access roles: limited collaborator and reader. Read more about user roles here. Each subscription plan has also a limited amount of guest licenses available. See Teamhood pricing plans to check guest user license limits.

Guest users can be upgraded to regular users at any time if your account has available licenses. Hint: you will not be able to convert any user to a guest to due user role mismatch.

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