Inviting People

There are two ways how you can invite users to Teamhood – invite them directly to a workspace or invite them to an organization.

Inviting directly to workspace

This method is the fastest way to add new team members or new Teamhood users and get them up to speed in a specific work/task/project. You can invite to the workspace either by clicking “Invite team” in the side menu or via Workspace settings.


If the user does not exist in your organization yet, you will need to provide full email address, first name, last name, and the role for the current workspace. Read more about roles here.

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If the user is already a member of some other workspace in your organization, you can start typing the first name and you will receive suggestions, or simply click the drop-down button in the email field and you will see a full list of available users. During new user invite menu you will be able to choose what type of license to assign, regular user who has access to all roles or limited user as guest.

Inviting guest users

You can select guest user type in the same invite menu, just make sure you have free licenses left or subscribe for more. Later you will be able to convert guest to a regular user if required. Read more about guest users here.

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Inviting to organization

In some cases, organization owners might want to invite other people as new joiners or onboard them into Teamhood, but there is no workspace to which to invite. Then the best way is to navigate to the Owner panel and click “Invite user” from there. By specifying full email, first name, and last name. Then you can opt in to either account or specific workspace.

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If you invite to account, you do not need to specify any role yet. Be aware that user will see no workspaces once logged in for the first time and will be able to create only new workspace for self unless invited to existing ones.

If necessary you can already promote the invited users to the organization owner.

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