Notifications in Teamhood keep you informed on what is going on at all times. Moreover, you can set up for different notifications to appear on different channels, thus creating a system that works best for you.

Here is how all of this works.

Notifications Overview

Before we dive into how to set up your system, you should know how to ensure you get all the right notifications. To be notified of work item changes in Teamhood, you have to be one of the three:

  • Work item creator
  • Work item assignee
  • Work item watcher

So, you will automatically be notified of all task changes for the work items you create or are assigned to. However, if you are neither, you can add yourself as a work item Watcher. This means you will be notified of any changes as well.

Notification Centre

Now, we are ready to move on to the Notification Center. A place to quickly check what is going on in the whole workspace. To make this more convenient, all notifications are divided into 3 categories – Comments, Important, and All notifications.

teamhood version 1.31

Comments – hold all of the new comments made on your watched work items. You can read them right there, or press on the comment to open the work item details.

Important – filters out the more important notifications into a separate tab. Here, you will be notified if an item is assigned to you, completed, overdue, has a changed schedule, and has new attachments.

All notifications – Holds all of your notifications in one place. here you will find everything that was displayed in the two previous columns and more. In other words, this is a complete rundown of changes that were made.

Notification Groupping

Comments (High priority)

  • Comment added
  • You were mentioned in comment

Important (Medium priority)

  • Item assigned to you
  • Item Schedule changed
  • Item completed/uncompleted
  • File attached
  • Item Deleted
  • Item Archived
  • Item overdue
  • Item Blocked
  • Item Unblocked
  • Item status changed
  • Item dependency which was waited for is ready/completed

All Notifications (Also includes Comments + Important)

  • Your item assigned to someone
  • Item Description changed
  • Item Location changed
  • Item Estimation changed
  • Item Relationship added
  • Item Relationship removed
  • Item repeated
  • Item Watcher added
  • Item Watcher deleted
  • Item Title changed
  • Item Child item added
  • Item Child item deleted
  • Item restored from archive
  • Item custom value set

Managing Notification Settings

By default, you will get all of the notification types delivered to you in Teamhood. However, you can edit this as well as add other places where notifications will be sent.

Open the settings menu to see all of the notification types and select where would you like each of them to be delivered.

notification settings

Notifications in MS Teams and Slack

Want to see notifications in other apps? No problem.

First, go to ‘App integrations’ in the Notification settings. Once you add the MS Teams or Slack integration, come back to the notification settings and pick what you would like to see in each app.

notification settings

Read more about MS Teams and Slack integrations.

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