User Data & Settings

Here is how to manage user data and settings in Teamhood.

User Name and Language

You will have to input the name of each new user as you add them to the workspace. However, each individual person on your team can modify this information as needed.

To do so, click on your icon and then chose ‘My Profile‘. You can also navigate to this menu by opening Settings -> Profile.

Here you will be able to:

  1. Choose your avatar color
  2. Edit your name
  3. Set the interface language you prefer.
Screenshot 2022 05 26 at 16.59.19

User Roles

To edit the user roles, you will have to be a Workspace admin.

Open Settings -> Workspace -> Team.

Here, you will be able to change the roles of all users, as well as define their hourly rates. You can also check which of the team members are guest users, who have been deactivated, and remove users from the workspace altogether.

Keep in mind, that the user roles are defined individually for each workspace.

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Hourly Rates

In the workspace team settings menu, you can also specify an hourly rate for each of the team members.

Keep in mind, that the rate is set for all boards located in the same workspace.

Owner vs Admin

It is important to clarify the difference between the Account Owner and Workspace Admin in Teamhood. As these are two different terms.

The Account Owner manages the Teamhood subscription and user licenses.

The Workspace Admin is a user role that allows managing the specific workspace settings and the team that is assigned to that workspace.

A user can have both, one, or none of these attributes depending on their role in the organization.

Learn more about User roles.

Deleting from Workspace

To delete a user from a workspace, you will have to be the Workspace admin. Open the same team settings menu.

Settings -> Workspace -> Team

Here, you will see an option to ‘Remove from Workspace’. Keep in mind, that this will also remove the user from all item assignments.

Note –this will only remove the user from the specific workspace, it will not remove that user from your overall account.

remove from workspace

Deleting from Account

To remove a user entirely, you will need to delete them from the account. This can only be done by the account owners. The user that has created the account is the default owner. They can then add more in the Licenses panel.

You can open this panel by clicking on your icon and then choosing ‘Licenses’. You can also navigate to this menu by opening Settings -> Licenses.

Note – If you don’t see this panel, you are not an account owner.

In the Licenses panel, you will be able to:

  1. See all active, guest and deactivated users
  2. Convert guests to users
  3. Make users account Owners
  4. Deactivate users from the account entirely.

By choosing the last option, you will remove the user from all workspaces and the account.

licenses panel

Add Boards or Views to Favorites

To ease your navigation and make the most important boards and views, easily accessible, you can choose to make them a Favorite.

By doing so, you will be able to quickly access them from any board or view in your Workspace. As they will always be displayed at the top left corner of your view.

To make a board or a view your favorite, open the action menu and select ‘Add favorite’.

To remove a board or view from favorites, go to the list of favorites and press on a star next to the name.


Customize Board Views

You can further personalize the boards and views of Teamhood by using the ‘Customize’ option. Located at the top right above your views and boards.

Here, you can choose which fields will be shown, and whether to display empty rows, completed items, and child items. These settings are saved. This means that if you set up a certain preference, you will see the same setup the next time you open Teamhood.

Use this option to personalize and maximize the use of all boards and views. Here are more customization options.

Customize views

Define Side Menu Width

Teamhood allows you to adjust the width of the side menu. Drag and drop to make the side menu items more readable or to see more of the board.

side menu width

Adjust My Work Sections

Lastly, you can change the width and height of the My Work section, as well as rearrange items for your convenience.

My work
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