Customizing Board Views

Each Teamhood board can have any amount of views that are customized and saved as presets. You can save filters for daily convenience, you can personalize view properties for your own sake. There are vast possibilities and we will cover them in this article.

Same board, different filters

It can be a real timesaver to select your favorite filters and save them as a separate view. For example – all items that are already overdue. You can save as many same-type views as you need.

Attention: do not forget to save your preset as a new or existing view.

teamhood filters


You can preset group, order, and view type-specific settings and save them as a view. Set up different visible fields, view types, grouping, and item ordering for different occasions – for example using filtered Gantt, for unplanned work. Or using Kanban grouped by user for employee-focused planning/work review where tags are hidden by default to make everything compact.

teamhood customizations

Separate views for different people

Different view types can bring multi-perspective benefits for separate roles in your team. For example, a manager can use List view for easier work breakdown, or Gantt view for simpler work scheduling, while the rest of the team will use Kanban for visualizing their workflow. They have the same items, the same board, just different views. And remember, each view can have its own customizations and filters, so you can further modify and go into specifics. There is no problem with having 2 or more predefined Kanban views for every role in your team.

Personal views

A typical scenario is when a member of a team wants to see only items assigned to himself. Creating a personal view and saving the assignee filter is the best choice. Make it default for yourself and each time you open that board, you will see only items assigned to yourself.

teamhood board views

Default views

Default for everyone

If you make a view default for everyone – it will be automatically selected once opening the board for those users who do not have a personal default view.

teamhood default views

Default for me

If you make a view default for yourself – it will always be selected once opening the board no matter other default presets for everyone.

teamhood default views
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