Kanban view is best used for daily task management and execution. It is easy to track individual progress and collaborate on work items.

Here is an intro video on using the Kanban boards in Teamhood.

You can customize the Kanban view with – Rows, Statuses, and Child Status groups.


Use Kanban rows to separate different teams, types of work items, projects, etc. You can add as many as your project needs and collapse or expand them based on your current needs.

If you want to take more control of the board, you can add specific limits to each row. You can limit the number of:

  • Items
  • Budget
  • Estimations

This way you can easily check if the limit has been exceeded and take action.

kanban row wip limits


Statuses (columns) visualize your team’s process steps from planning to completion. Moving work items through the statuses will allow you to always know what is happening with each of them.

You can edit the statuses (columns) by:

  1. Using toggles on the board,
  2. Opening ‘Edit’ mode (located on the top left corner)
  3. Navigating to board Settings -> Customize Workflow.

We suggest you group the statuses by their stage – Input, Work in progress, and Output. Then expand each of these stages into more specific steps your team uses. In the example below, we have the following process:

  1. Input
    • New
    • Priority
  2. Work in progress
    • In Progress
    • Review
  3. Output
    • Completed
kanban board statuses

You can assign item limits to each individual status or status groups.

Sub-status groups

Statuses in Teamhood can be of two types – regular and sub-status groups. The latter option allows you to expand the child tasks of your items and see them separately on the Kanban board. This means, that you can visualize both parent and child items on the board.

This is especially useful for processes with larger items, as it allows to divide them into smaller tasks and track their individual progress.

kanban sub-statuses

WIP Limits

To add WIP limits to your statuses, open the ‘Action menu’ next to the selected status, sub-status, or status group, and open Settings. You can also adjust the limits in the Kanban view ‘Edit’ mode.

Here you will be able to choose from predefined values or enter your own.

Note. WIP Limits have to be activated in the Workspace settings first. Settings -> Workspace -> General -> Features.

kanban wip limits


The Kanban view in Teamhood has both – a flexible structure and the option to customize the look of the board. You can choose the colors of your rows, statuses, and items.

Making it easy to color-code your work for more efficiency.

kanban status color


Lastly, in the Kanban view, you can get some immediate performance data in the form of layers. Activate them to see important data right on the item cards. Here are the options:

  • Estimated vs tracked time
  • When will it be done
  • Item age
  • Time in status
time in status layer
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