Portfolio Overview

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The Portfolio Overview allows you to quickly analyze and compare the key metrics of all the projects in the same workspace.

The metrics are calculated automatically from your project data and you can assign a corresponding color to each project, thus marking its overall status.


In the Portfolio overview, you will be able to see 6 predefined fields.

  1. Start – marking the start of each project.
  2. Finish – marking the end of each project.
  3. Budget – calculating the total project budget assigned to items.
  4. SPISchedule Performance Index. 1 meaning on schedule, below 1 behind schedule, and above 1 ahead of schedule.
  5. EV – the total value of items that have been completed.
  6. Progress – The percentage of completed vs all items in the project.
portfolio overview


As mentioned, all of the metrics are calculated automatically based on your project data. However, the automatic indicators only show some parts of the picture.

Thus, you can use an additional color field to mark the overall status of each project. We suggest using red for projects that are in trouble and green for those performing better than expected.

boards portfolio overview

You can learn more about the fields used in this view, by reading about Earned Value Management.

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